Sunday, August 29, 2010

Green Day

Nowadays, I don’t share much of my thoughts on my blog anymore. As much as I enjoy sharing, I don’t feel that comfortable revealing details of my private life. Each time before I pen down a sentence, I would ask myself, who will be reading this afterwards? How will they interpret it? Will it bring forth any unwanted impact later on? At the same time, it gives me second thought thinking that my dad is sitting in front of his laptop scrolling down my Beyond Chic. with a cup of coffee in his hand. That’s what he does during his free time-stalking my blog while reading the latest political issues on Malaysiakini or perhaps, checking his Bursa Malaysia. Looks like now I’m revealing my dad’s personal life instead huh? LOL.

With the existence of Twitter, all I have in mind is often shortened into a mere 140 words. There isn’t anything much for me to blog anymore, considering I’ve posted everything on Plurk, which sends my update to Twitter, which then sends it to my Facebook. These social networks is meant to be, and has become a place for me to release my inner thoughts. No doubt such application is fun, but it had caused me some unwanted trouble (prevents self from further elaboration). I read a magazine today, and it tells of a true life story about a guy breaking up with his girlfriend because she posted his sleeping habit (jokingly, I assume) on her Facebook. Breaking up with your girl because of a little something she wrote on Facebook? It’s absurd! 2 possibilities: either he wanted to break it off long before and merely using FB as an excuse, or he has an ego the size of the universe. So my point is. . . my point is. . . as I was saying. . . sheesh I forgot! See, I got distracted by the stupid egoistic man. Wtfreak.

Forget about the last paragraph. I think you get what I was trying to say. Nevertheless, I will continue dwelling in Plurkworld, Twittersphere and FB-land LOL. You know, sometimes when I encounter some assholes in life, I would have this urge to post up everything about them here. But then again, bitching about assholes, what would that make me? I decided to let it go and only tell good things about people. After all I’m in no position to judge how one should behave. I have all the rights to sing praises to every wonderful thing they do though. Days used to be so mundane, not until when I start to appreciate every single detail in life. Joy started pouring in and swept away the unhappiness when I give thanks to everything I have.

Some photos taken in lecture theatre on our Uni’s “Green Day”:

Zhi Ruo, Chloe (constipated?) and Mei Yan.


SK the joker.


Loving couple, not! XD


Tania and I.


Different shades of green.


Reminds me of Giant Ecobag. Oh well.

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