Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Have Big Small Eyes

It’s the third week of my first semester, and I thank God that I’ve finally settled down in Sunway. I used to be so uncertain about my life here, but now everything seems to be going well just as I’ve hoped for. It’s amazing how God has answered my prayer and provided me all that I asked for. Each morning I wake up praising Him for all the wonderful things in life, meanwhile pray for a good start of a new day =)

I’ve started attending City Harvest Church by the way. And CHC is really awesome! You’d probably know if you’ve been there. So motivating and inspiring! I have totally no excuse to skip Sunday service now. LOL.

Wanted to post up some photos of my room but realized it’s too messy. Wouldn’t want to show you picture of my room with bras lying on any visible corner. So, here are some self-taken shots! Ngek ngek. One of the study tables which was turned into a dressing table, where I spend at least 40minutes every morning.


The lighting in my room is really meant for cam-whoring. Didn’t really have to edit these photos.

You know how angle can really affect how one looks in a photo. I’m a big-eyed female alien! Wtfreak. I didn’t even edit this -.-


I figured out the best way to make my eyes appear balanced. If you’ve noticed, my left eye is much smaller than my right. (Okay you probably didn’t notice cause I always made sure I edit my left eye before posting them up). So by taking the photo leftward, it actually makes my left eye bigger! But I have to push up my hair otherwise it would make my face look weird.

(Wondering why I even bothered to explain so much. The whole point of it is to produce a pretty final photo that’s all. Who cares where and how!)


I’m in love with my photos. Teehee.


Nah, screw you angles for deceiving my fellow viewers! Here’s a more normal photo of me. Noticed my cute animal bed sheet? XD


My housemate gave me a packet of instant spicy vermicelli thingy from China. Just tried it for dinner and it's yummy! Should ask her to get more from China next time. Hiak hiak.


L.Chew said...

I have one big eye and one small eye too. Left is bigger, so usually I try to shoot photo from right side. (That's why I usually show right face in the photos.)Then it will make my eye size look balance. Why don't you try this? So you no need to waste time in editing the photos. =)

Copykate said...

chew win: u're right! that was what i realized. i said that in this post wat, u missed out the sentence? cis never read one. lol. i normally look good from the right side of my face though because of my hair parting. unless i have them all clipped up. teehee

Errol said...

Was this after the printer trip that day?

Copykate said...

baby: it kinda sucks right. always spoil my photo!

errol: nope, it was before. while waiting for you and eugene to come fetch me to chc XD

~AmY~ AmylopectiN said...

I have been to CHC once. The church is awesome! =)

Anonymous said...

I have one big and one small eyes too. Well, my right side is smaller and I'm a huge eye female alien too so in all my photos you can see one big eye and one small eye. Thanks for the tip on shooting from the side of the smaller eye but I have a huge scar on the side of the face where the eye is smaller and I do not want to edit my photos. I don't know how the scar got there. At first there was this huge red blob and after it died down it left a scar. Went to the doc to get it checked and he said it's not an acne but don't know what it is. What should I do?

Christian Balachandran said...

It's a rare feature for a Chinese girl to have big eyes, it's one of your best features and you don't look like a freak since HE created you in the likeness of HIS image. I am a new follower of your blog, don't usually read blogs.

Copykate said...

Amy: yea they make it that way to appeal to youngsters like you and me :)

Anonymous: I'm no expert in that so can't really give you good advice. Perhaps you should try applying some scar cream to get rid of it? I usually have problems with visible green veins under my eyes but I edit it off when it gets too obvious

Christian: thanks for following! will definitely come out with better posts :)