Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last month, Pre-U organized an Appreciation Night, or better known as A-nite. The event was held in sports complex, which explained why people wouldn’t want to spend 40bucks on the ticket to show up. It was sorta like a prom kinda thingy, so I bet if they have had it held in a hotel, we would be willing to pay twice the price without complaining.

Or at least, couldn’t they make it at the college hall instead of sports complex? Surely there’s a better stage and better surrounding there. Sports complex is never meant for such function anyway. It’s the place occupied by sports equipment, where people play sports and sweat.

Shan, me and Chew Win at the back stage.

Guys who looked terribly awful under my flash light. Their make up was exposed! Hiak hiak.

Here comes Hunt the pimp.

We managed to coax the gang to attend the event. But just when they had decided to go, the tickets were sold out. It took me a few days to finally convince the committee for 3more tickets, after which Su Ann asked whether the ticket was free, which sounded ridiculous because we had made it clear that everyone needed to pay with no exception. So despite my effort of getting the 3 extra tickets (you wouldn’t know how hard I tried), she said that she didn’t want to go anymore because no one was paying for her ticket. Wtfreak. DA BURNZ!

No offence if she reads this. Even if you’re my friend, I would still get angry if you say something stupid like that. I might seem like a nice person, but the fact is I’m easily-provoked. Anyway, thank you Ben, Sai Hong, Mei Zhen and Weiyi for being there!

Black and white rock the night. As usual, Weiyi avoided the camera at all costs.

Mr. Cocky the yellow man XD

Eyu da noob with his sleepy face. Teehee.

Mr. F flew all the way back from Kuching Miri just for the event and even gave Chew Win a bouquet! How sweet!

Last but not least, the Hollywood celebrity couple, who stepped onto the red carpet causing uproar among the paparazzi with their charisma. The limelight of the night, need we say more?

LOL. Just kidding. MrHik looked good that night! There’s no description about the event, as I’ve given you a vague idea of how bad it was. If you’ve noticed, the purpose of this post is to show you our pwetty and hemsem photos! <3


Janice said...

luv ur dress..
im plannin to gt a red n black mini dress..
for my school anniversary diner..

Copykate said...

janice: thanks! it's actually a 2-piece. tube top with high-waisted skirt. teehee. i diy the top with swarovski to bling it, but not too obvious in the photos XD

Janice said...

ur gud in it..
i thot ur dress was a one-piece..

Copykate said...

janice: LOL. good luck hunting for your red and black dress! =)

L.Chew said...

nice pictures. Especially the last pic. Lovely couple. Hehe.
Oh ya, I don't have those photos from your camera. Can you send them to me? Erm.. I give it my pendrive to you when I see you at college. Ok? Thanks. =)

Copykate said...

chew win: i only post up the nice photos XD u two more loving wat. LOL. no problem, just pass me ur pendrive next time! teehee