Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Memorable 19th Birthday Party

Last month, I had a 19th birthday celebration held at home.

Some lousy friends of mine thought I’m a hot chic so they bought a roasted chicken as my present. Wtfreak!

As if a roasted chicken isn’t hilarious enough, they even gave me a box of vegetables! Carrot, brinjal, cucumber, bitter gourd, corn and many other junks.

What on earth do they expect me to do with all these penis-shaped vegetables???

And these longans! Kns. My expression was priceless indeed.

Thanks for the hair curler! Speaking of hair, it was my sister who did my hair that night. She’s the future hairstylist. Wadya think? Teehee.

Hunt and Eyu were nice enough to have helped me light the fire on the BBQ pit.

It was a big disappointment that my classmates couldn’t make it down to Muar. Still, I’m glad that the both of you turned up.

Ang, who was chosen for the best-dressed that night. Feel free to ask him if you wanna know what the mystery gift was XD

Zili being emo for nothing.

Eugene caught staring at Meng Hong's man boobs.

Zi Khai and the koala bears.

The bf and the kids.

The guys were delighted cause grandpa brought them Carlsberg. According to him, it was meant to strengthen our liver. Wtfreak.

Did I not make it obvious that I was the one who bought the cake? I had to drive the little Kancil out to buy my own birthday cake! How pathetic.

The bf.

The family.

The friends. Sorry for those who left early and didn’t get to be in the group picture.

For 19 years, my face had never been pushed into a birthday cake until this year! With those yucky-milky cream all over my face, I screamed and chased all over the house and wipe the cream on whoever I could get.

My legs looked like ah gong's badly-shaped chopsticks! So unglam.

Caught the victim! The rest of them sold him out in order to protect themselves. LOL.

I was running around like a siao za bor until someone stopped me.

Later on, Hunt and my youngest sis, Gigi took revenge on my behalf. I was obviously beyond excited. Gawd. Did my image just dropped again?

No thanks to Ang, my face and hair stayed oily for the rest of the night. And my make up, ruined. But I still looked good. Bleh.

My cute cousin, Yun Zhi who is dating Neo. What a waste right? =x

Thanks for the present, love!

Ever since I introduced the Mafia game to them, it has become our ritual during every party. I could totally imagine the neighbours cursing me secretly for causing so much noise in the wee hours.

The game master very pattern one.

According to our own rule, the losers of the game have to receive punishments set by the winners. Can you guess what Eugene and Zi Khai are going to do next? Judging from Zi Khai’s hamsap fishy look!

Kissing each other on the forehead!

Yuck! That’s fucking disgusting! Imagine having to kiss your buddy’s sweaty and oily forehead. No wonder Eugene looked so grossed out. Eew.

Moving on. Hunt’s sexy pole dance.

Doesn’t it even seem like a punishment? He was having so much fun! XD

Next, Zi Li and Zi Khai demonstrated the Ribena Ads Bollywood dance for Pei Wing and Kay Vin. Firstly, run towards each other in slow motion.

Make a few rounds at the lamp post as if trying to hide from each other.

Yer, why so tak bersemangat one? I think Zi Li and Zi Khai made the best couple. Wtfreak.

And lastly, embrace each other and kiss! Hiak hiak. Hunt was disappointed for being assignment to pole dancing rather than kissing. Poor boy. LOL.

Thanks to everyone who attended my party. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.


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Benjamin Chuah said...


Copykate said...

ben: the second last u mean. LOL. just in case someone wants to copy their lame idea. the grapes they gave me were rotten. wtf

Joshualaw said...

Nice! You sure had an enjoyable birthday celebration this year! =)

Copykate said...

joshua law: yea it was surely fun! except the fact that they gave me lousy presents XD

Hayley said...

the party was so much fun!!
how i wish i can throw a birthday party like this as well..

Copykate said...

hayley: of course u can! provided ur friends are willing to be crazy throughout ur party XD

Anonymous said...

ur frens very thoughtful wor. lol

Copykate said...

joshua: thoughtful?! more like heartless! they couldn't think of what to give me so bought me a box of junk X(

Katie ♥ said...

hahaha omg the last picture damn sweet :) and eh neo is so going to kill you wtf. was it white chocolate macadamia cake!! JESSICA CHIANG SHE OBVIOUSLY DIDNT MISS US AT ALL SIGH FROM NOW ON WE BOYCOTT HER BIRTHDAY! :)

Copykate said...

katie: no it was mango delight. because hik likes mango. gawd i am such a thoughtful gf. LOL. who cares about neo. grandpa in law gave him a new nickname that night: ah miao. wtfreak. guess he was drunk.

u and jess's bday are coming soon! u two are gonna be 19 and unglam like me! XD

L.Chew said...

After reading your post, I was regret that I didn't attend your birthday party. =( It looks like very fun!

Copykate said...

chew win: yes u shud have joined! u missed out the fun! X(

Huai Bin said...


I never had this much fun when I was 19.

Copykate said...

huai bin: aww. it's not too late to have fun now! XD