Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maison Ladies Night

It was my first time to Maison! A very exciting one! XDDD

My classmates have been planning this clubbing outing around 1 month ago, and everyone had been really excited and looking forward to that night. Everyday, our conversations during class centred around clubbing, club, clubbing, club, but it seems that we did not get bored talking about the same thing over and over again.

Did you know that Maison allows entry for 18 years old now? I’ve always thought that the 21-year-old rule is still applied. Anyway, we were having some problem as a few of us were still underage. But somehow, we managed to get them in by smuggling IC. Teehee.

Snapped some pics on the way there.

Me and our crappy class rep.

Stop teaching Jonathan such vulgar sign language already!


I know you are gonna ask me about that cute girl in pink! Erm, as in, the pink girl in this pic, not me. She’s Zhi Shan.

Can’t wait to see more of her? Nah. Pretty right right? XD

Lucky us to have booked a table upstairs. From left: Dickson, Kenneth, Ben, Chua Hunt and Wei Yi.

Bad boys.

Zhi Shan, what’s-his-name, Hunt.

Manwhores Camwhores. Dickson, CCM, Kenneth.

Jon, Zhong Xian and Hunt. There was no way to repair the red-eye, hence the monster look XD

Where is he looking?

Marilah minum!

Red baboon face CCM!

Hello sexaaaaaaaay.

Me, Rosaline (so happy meh wtfreak) and Hunt.

Chew Win the snow white.

Ben aka CCM. The craziest guy that night.

Alright, you are probably asking for Zhi Shan’s pic. Here it is! Pink rocks the night! XD

Me and Ros. Taken after club. We don’t look a tad bit exhausted in this pic eh? Kekeke.

Losers! (Again, the red-eye. Why he keep on kena one huh? Is there some kinda charm being transmitted from his eyes?)

Serves you right for eating barely half of your char kuey teow dinner =P

Uncle Hunt sober dy?

Chilling outside Maison before heading to mamak.

The tired faces, except Zhi Shan who was so happy sms-ing.

The exhausted one. LOL.

I just realized Hunt’s eyeballs are freaking black and huge. My contact lens are no match for them -.-


Oh, no pictures of the dance floor coz we were too busy dancing like crazy. Could have been some great shots though. Sorry for the disappointment XD

Reached home at 4.40am and I was awake til the next morning when we had to attend 8am class. Such craziness.

Next stop: Euphoria.

Wooooooooh I can’t wait! Teehee.


TheJessicat said...


Copykate said...

jessie, i would love to go to maison again some day!

and i can't wait to visit euphoria! XD

Ruionkoh said...

wooo hooo why lar u kept on promoting your fren aka zhi san.I would give my vote to Ros kaka. by the way, clubs should prohibit smalll kids *cough* from entering kakaka.go buy a happy meal and dance in McD' playland wokie!LOL LOL XD XD

Charlie said...

more chicks and dudes

WTH why did he copy my _l_ sign? LOL

Copykate said...

ruion, u prefer ah ros? kaka.

small kids??? jeez! i went in with my own ic neh neh~

Copykate said...

blue, your _l_ sign??? queen of vulgarities! LOL

Benjamin Chuah said...

Maison rocks my socks XD

Anonymous said...

zhi san looks fabulous!