Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Deepavali


Deepavali pictures taken from Rames's blog.


Love this pic! Everyone looked so happy ^^


My dearest Katie, if you’re reading this, I’m gonna thank you for calling at the right time! As if your words can do wonders, all my anger and depression were vanished. What an awesome friend you are! I can never find anyone else who understands me better than you do. Can’t wait for your arrival in next 2 weeks! But it sucks not being able to go shopping with you immediately. Screw them exams! X(((

Ohhhhhhhh I love you so much babe! I promise I will see you right after my exam and listen to your juicy bitchy stories! You better not forget to bring back my birthday present, ahemm, that’s if you’ve prepared any. To be honest, I haven’t really got yours. Ngek ngek. So, quick tell me what you want! Maybe I can look out for you the next time I go shopping XD

Mehhh I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t really got time to update my little pathetic Beyond Chic. It makes me depressed seeing the same post, the same post, always the same post each time I view the page =/

Anyway, picha!

Taken before heading to Rames’s house. He’s like, so cute lahhhhhh wtfreak! Don’t so cute can bo? Your irresistible extreme addictive cuteness. Even when I’m angry with you, all my anger fades away when I look at your cute face. Jeez. Isn’t it really unfair that cute people escapes from all kinda trouble?

It’s unfair!


Anonymous said...

He's cute, but you certainly are cuter!... and beautiful! :)

Hikaru said...

wanna attract attention like dat meh???

Copykate said...



Copykate said...

hikaru, who? neo? kaka. perhaps