Sunday, October 26, 2008

Global Peace Festival

Last week, a few of us took part in community service under The Global Peace Festival. There were students from various universities and even some who came all the way from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia etc to join the festival.

Upon our arrival at Kampung Kerinchi.

Me, CCM and Wendy. The medan selera next to the hall was closed. How disappointing. LOL.

Each of us was arranged into our respective groups and each group was assigned to clean different blocks. Look at the dirty filthy wall! They did not send us here for no reason yea?

I was like, man this is so disgusting! Can I go home??? *run*

Nehhh, just kidding. I was there for community service! Hello, it’s community service! Voluntary work, get that! I’m like so kind and full of compassion. ROFL.

Oh, no more pictures of filthy wall cause like, you know, I was so busy cleaning and painting the place. HAHAHAHAHA.

Soon it was time for lunch. Woohoo I couldn’t wait!

The queue for the food was really long, so we decided to treat ourselves at a Malay stall nearby.

Wendy, Me and Mei Zhen.

CCM, Wei Ming and Mun Kiat.

Look, it’s Daniel Lee, the ambassador the Global Peace. Weren’t we lucky to have bumped into him? Teehee.

Once again we gathered at the hall for the closing ceremony, during which there were a few performances. *yawn* See, by then I’ve changed into my shorts cause couldn’t tahan the sweat. Working under the sun, damn hot k! Kaka.

Pictures of Daniel. I’m not exactly his big fan, but took quite many pictures of him cause, i-dunno-why. Maybe cause everyone was doing so, and I simply just joined in the fun. LOL?

“Aju!” I know I know, this is the tiny-eyed man on the Global Peace banner XD

Look at Daniel’s expression! So semangat! LMAO.

No, I did not shake his hand. Like, who cares?

I caught an awesome shot of him though.

Me and a Japanese. He’s like so cute, and the way he talks is like so-Japanese! In fact I could hardly catch his pronunciation O.o

Ken from Germany. The young little girls were so eager to take picture with him so I didn’t even have the chance to ask him out! Hmpf. I didn’t even get his number or email or anything! Grrrrrrr. *sulk*

Me and Yuan Ting.

Keng Fai, Jia Meng, Wendy, Mun Kiat and Keith.

2pics taken from CCM:

Mehhhh. Can you at least edit the contrast and brightness before posting them up? You know I can't possibly edit them in CC. Sobs T.T

At last, we left the place at 5pm. As much as we were exhausted, it was undeniable that we’d had lotsa fun.


Simon Seow said...

Love bite or mosquito bite? LOL.

Copykate said...

simon, yea i wonder too. .