Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being Random and Emo

Tears have long dried up. Words have long failed me.

Stand up on your own, little flower, as they will not sympathise you!

Even the leaves have turned their back.

And once again, she is forsaken.

Upon the arrival of utter dismay

I seek for my pillar of strength.

Rekindle my heart, love.

For no one, but you, understands.

I’m alright.

Just being emo and random.

Ohhh, it never came across my mind that I could look that cool in men’s wear!

I know where to look for my refuge =)))


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

wah ah pun.... your house everywhere also got mirror one hor?

Copykate said...

of course! but these pics are taken in my dad's shop fitting room. teehee

Hayley said...

love ur outfit! ;)

Copykate said...

hayley, lol thanks! i heart it too XD