Monday, September 29, 2008

Caress Me

Raya break woohoo! Packed my stuff and ready to head back to hometown! Haven’t really enjoyed the comfort of my bed for quite some time. 5days should be enough, provided I don’t party late late every night XD Oh well, the truth is, there isn’t any place for late-night party back there. I brought along some notes and tutorial work! So guess how I’m gonna get my time occupied? Hiak hiak.

Ok I know I’m really lame talking about my raya break here. Thanks to someone who kept pestering me to update my blog.

“I will update when I go back. Lotsa pictures. Need some time to upload.”
“Then you simply update first lah!”
“Simply update???”


A moment ago I was reading CLEO (hadn’t bought one for ages!), and there was this article “Get in touch!” on page104.

“True lovers don’t always feel the need to talk to each other, a gentle caress can say more than words.”

I found it interesting and randomly showed it to my true-love-to-be, so here’s his reaction:

What is caress???
Molest I know. . .
Harass I know. . .
But caress? Never heard of it =/ (ends conversation with a cheeky face)

Wtfreak lahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why is my “true love” like that???

I found it hilarious though. Can become some sorta quote of the day! Kekeke.

Pichas from last Thursday!

Guess where I went? Check it out on my next entry! Teehee.

Ohhhhh that’s a freaking ugly frog on my left! XD

Happy holiday mates! Don’t let your precious week go to a waste! =)))


Simon Seow said...

Going back to Johor? Buy otak-otak for me.

Copykate said...

see my mood. LOL

Benjamin Chuah said...

i also wan can or not -.-

Copykate said...

kaka. next time u guys come to muar! XD