Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tai Thong Mooncake

For days I had been complaining for not having any mooncake at home, considering the mid autumn festival is approaching, So yesterday, we went all the way to Ampang to get me a box of Tai Thong Moon Cake! Finally. *grins in satisfaction*

The ultimate poser XD

Heart the box and paper bag! I’m definitely gonna keep them!

Gotta try the snow skin durian flavour! Other than that, double yolk is a must! Teehee.

Since we were already in Ampang, we might as well go to KLCC? Hiak hiak.

My faded heart tattoo which I claimed to be my "love bite". Don't you thik the cracks make it look like a broken heart? Teehee.

There it goes, another one of our Sushi moment Hmpf. I guess I will post an entry that combines all our sushi moments in the future -.-

The vain guy with Topman cardi.

And even though the mega sales is over, his shopaholic fever never dies off.

1 Graffi Tee (which I can hardly convince myself into buying), 2 Renoma polo tee and 1 cardigan within 1 hour. How unfair is that! X(


Katie ♥ said...

hey you look great in the sushi picture.

must be the sushi king lighting i wanna go there tooooo :(

our next date there k! :D

Copykate said...

really? i thought it looks ordinary XD

we should go sushi zanmai next time! it's my favourite so far! teehee