Saturday, September 20, 2008

18th Birthday @ Marche

It’s been a while since my birthday had past. However, there’s still one post which I had left out. Now that I’ve received the pictures from Jess, I can finally blog about it!

So you’ve read about my Nuffnang Sharing Session post. After the event, we (me and Hik, the poor boy who waited 2hours for me in Starbucks (thank you so much, love)) left 1U and headed to The Curve for my birthday celebration. To be precise, it was an old-friend-get-together sort of party held at Marche, meaning “market” in French.

Zoe and Sherry joined us too!

If you’ve been to The Curve, you would have probably noticed the two prominent red bulls (or cows, since they have milky nips, or what-it's-called again udders, thanks Katie!) which mark the location of Marche.

There was even a red calf under the counter!

It was an extraordinary large restaurant which consists of many food stalls selling a variety of western delicacies.

Before entering the place, we were given a pass card each. It was meant for the stall taker to write down the food we ordered.

Abundant of fruits to greet our arrival.

Fruit juice!

While everyone was having a great time eating, I was busy taking pictures of the different stalls.

A mini bar.

Pasta stall.

And salad.

And grill!

There was even a bakery!

Rosti! Whatever it means.

Oh mushroom my favourite!

And how would they ever leave out Pizza? =)))

Posing with, err. . . potato?

Lovely, isn’t it?

If your children gets bored there, you can just throw them into this nursery-liked children’s corner. Gawd, what an awesome place!

Let me show you some of the food we ordered:

Banana cake which melts your heart.

Mushroom soup!!! I know I’ve always had such liking for mushrooms, but this time it’s really different! The mushrooms are so fresh and soft that I got addicted after the first bite!

Pizza oh pizza! Thin bread crust with lotsa ingredients!

Man, I forgot what’s this called. Some kinda meat. I remember keeping the receipt in my purse but it’s gone! Anyone who sees it please return it to me just so I can figure out the exact name of this!

Seafood Treasure Platter or something. Super expensive lorrrr but I guess it was worth the price. Teehee.

Another creamy mushroom soup.

Root beer.

Actually, I was very full that night after Nuffnang diner at Italianies, so I only ate one thing.(those little bits and sips I stole from them weren’t counted!)


Grilled sausage with 4 types of different sauce!

See see see, nice???

Look at the raw ones! But mehhh, I didn’t really like the sausage cause it was a little bit too hard for my liking. Prefer soft ones. Hiak hiak.

White roses!

Thank you Chris for the white “roses”! LOLLLL. Oh, did I tell you that he’s a magician? He even performed a few tricks that night!

A few other pictures I took in Marche.

Group picture. The waiter took so long to capture this, as the previous ones turned out all blurred! Wtfreak.

Before heading back, we chatted outside Marche and took a few pictures so that 10 years later, I will come across the album and remembered where I spent my 18th birthday.

Jess and I. Man, I love my platform heels!

Jess and I and Jol Wee. Someone,please kill me cause my hair is no longer wavy X(

Christine and Joyce – my two fantastic house mates!

Chris is Eugene’s nephew while Eugene is Chris’s uncle. For real I mean. And the uncle is like, 1 year younger than the nephew LOL.

Last but not least, I’m gonna hit the squirrel for spoiling this pic! He was supposed to pretend to squeeze out milk with a hamsap expression! Obviously he was too self-conscious. Failed!

If you are searching for a good hang-out place, apart from Soul-ed Out, I would definitely recommend Marche! With great food, excellent service, welcoming ambience and reasonable price, what more can you ask for?

Tell me you aren't drooling all over your keyboard yet! XD


Hayley said...

love the food! and love ur dress too =))

Copykate said...

hayley, thanks for ur compliment! XD