Monday, September 15, 2008

Farewell Alvin

Hey guys! Did you celebrate mid-autumn festival? Well, we didn’t, but there was a party going on that weekend for Alvin aka Meng Hong’s farewell. In 2 days time, he will be leaving to Liverpool for his studies. Woots, Liverpool!

Anyway, the party was held in Xiang Xuan Café, a sorta resort club place with a big garden and a huge swimming pool. There was even a gym room! But well, we were only allowed to use the garden.

Some teens practising swimming.

Some kids celebrating mooncake festival.

We’ve got buffet…

and barbeque.

This is Jess and I.

And this is Jess and I in action XD

Flirtatious Chong Hao =P

Zi Li pepe the clown ass.

May the coals be the witness of our brotherhood. Wtfreak.

I know you miss my face. So here I am, short sausage!

Long sausage! With lots and lotsa sambal! Hiak hiak.

Joker Ang who was very keen on appearing on my blog.

Big and round.

What’s with the pointing? Pot calling the kettle black!

Some of the SAB girls.

Yee Ling who thinks my camera always make her look pretty (actualy indicating that she IS pretty. LOL)

Chia Ing who agreed with her statement. Oh right, aren't we all pweeeetty? XD

Whoever says I can’t BBQ?

Look how attentive I was! My eyes proved it all!

Spot my delicate fingers. Teehee.

The guys who just sat there and waited for the girls to do the job?

They certainly deserve these. Hiak hiak. Told you my BBQ skill rocks!

From left: Mavin, Roy, William, Jess, Jin Sheng’s foot, Winston.

How could we not have karaoke- our all-time favourite?

The audience.

Yee Kiat imitating Fei Yu Ching in Jay’s Qian Li Zhi Wai. (sangat lelaki lembut)

I swear I wasn’t showing my middle finger X(

Zi Li looking constipated.

He was obviously trying to squat down and shit.

The kind-hearted Neo, seeing that the poor boy had problem passing motion, attempted to help by pulling off his pants XD

Picture with the host.

From left: Wee Guan, William, Neo, Zi Li, Ang, Eugene. Front: Yee Kiat.

Men Boys in black.


Need I say more? =)))

Jess and Jol Wee. Katie babe, go phototoshop yourself inside!

Fishballs my favourite.

Obscene looking potatoes.


While I was busy singing, a soh zai took my camera and camwhore.


Kawaiii Kanasai him -.-

To be frank, nobody looks good while eating. See, even William look so unsexy when he eats.

So, learn from them. It’s better off to let someone caught you posing rather than eating. By the way, I just realized that Zi Khai’s tongue is rather long XD

Also. . . I just realized he has a mole on his face! Garn, that just proves how well I know about my friend! LOL.

A group picture of the guys.

Preparing to give the treasured box to Meng Hong. Inside consists of wishing cards from each and everyone of us. MH, aren’t you touched? =)))

At last, we didn’t even need to clear the place as everything was taken care of by the owner of the place. We headed off to Tanjung.

2 silly boys rocking in the car.

And hey, that’s me in Tanjung, with my legs looking shorter than ever.

Why lahhhhhhhhhh X(

Oh yea MH, I know I’ve said this for many times, but still, I’m gonna say it again:

Good luck and all the best in Liverpool! Don’t forget to bring me some souvenir when you’re back! =)


Katie ♥ said...

okay my comments:

1. you and jess's hair colour! in the "kissing" picture, veri nais. but i dyed my hair back to dark dark brown now so no more highlights already so we dont match, howwww ):

2. can you not say my boyfriend is unsexy! he is like the handsomest guy we know okay (dont deny i know you like him too hahahahha wtf)

3. where is your birthday blog post, you liar!

4. thank god you didnt take the bitch's picture otherwise i might bang my head on the wall :D

5. The picture of you three with MH: only you got the guts to pose like a chicken slut hahahahahaha wtf.


7. (related to point 2) Why does my boyfriend always look so bad in your camera!

8. I miss the both of you, so so much, my heart is nearly breaking :( hugs and kisses, my loves <33

oh, yeah. farewell, menghong! (:

Copykate said...

omg freaking long comment!

ok let me reply one by one:

1. the color is nais thanks to my camera flash! let me highlight your hair with some fabric dye when u come back then!

2. mehhhh admit it, he looks ugly when he eats!

3. i just got the pix from jess today! it shall be my next post! anyway, u get to see jess in this post dy wat. jeez.

4. HAHAHAHAHAHA yea i even scanned through the pic to see whether she's inside. the biatch! kaka

5. my legs look super nice right! ngek ngek ngek

6. mehhhh thought she always does.

7. LOL he always close his eyes in pictures! and i agree with u that he looks horrible. hiak hiak.

8. miss u too! remember last year when we held u, jess and kayvin's party at the same place? X(

miss u lots! xoxo <333

jcjessjessiejessica said...

1. fabric dye doesnt last! let's use bleach, by that i mean clothes bleach. i have quite a sum here. mine is like bursting red, scary. xin missed being so close lip to lip with hiccup, i became the victim. i was being cautious, in case she took my lips for the piece of chicken.

2. he's not the handsomest, but could be the hottest in the muar 'gang'. dont kill meeeeee.

3. ya, i sat in front of my lappie, waiting for each pic to upload to the email.

4. which bitch? i'm lost! def, i'm ruled out. that's weird.

5. i'm short! yay!

6. i noticed that too. *blushes* and in EVERY other pics i look fat. bah. hormone is a possible cause, my menstrual cycle is out.

7. coz neither me or u, huiyi who takes the pic. def, cameraperson problem.

8. what do you think of 'sweat and stink'? say it with the same tone as 'hug and kisses'.

peek-a-booooooo. X)

Katie ♥ said...

HAHA what is it with the point form replies hahaha wtf.

JESSSSSSSSICAAAAAAAAAA I MISS YOU VERY THE MUCHHHHHHH. Instead of black bitch you should now be known as.. er black boobs wtf hahhaha.

The bitch who made my life miserable la who else!

we should keep commenting here so xin has a lot of comments to look forward to! :D

sweats and stinks, babes!
(er sorry la, cannot make it T_T)

Copykate said...

do i even have to reply these? LOL.

black boobs wtfreak! it makes me think of huge black cow-liked tits =.="

erm, i don't think jess knows anything about the bitch lahhhh. jess, u don't, do u?