Saturday, September 6, 2008

Merdeka Booze Party @ Sri Cempaka

An update as promised - Merdeka @ Sri Cempaka!

After having a light dinner at the mamak nearby, we headed off to the swimming pool for some pre-party warm up. Although we were still in KL, we felt as if we were on vacation in Langkawi or Redang. If only the big park opposite was replaced by a beach.

Thai spa available here! Ok I felt like I was in Thailand again. To think that I had visited that country twice this year.

Get ready to strip!

The all-time poser.

It sucks to have your da yi ma visiting you, because then you can’t have sex swim. No, don’t tell me the wonders of tampons. Ironic as it sounds, the thought of shoving something up my vagina is way too daunting.

All I could do was sitting there and snapping silly pictures of half naked guys.

And not forgetting, dragging someone to camwhore with me.

Again and again.

Oh, counting the days till he finally let me shave hi armpit hair. Silky smooth~ LOL.

That’s Fuzz , our Cooler Club president. Such a hilarious pose XD

A half naked long-haired chic???

Ok maybe not. Chic should have big tits but not hairy legs.

Yat was humping the water. In fact, he can’t swim! Glad to know that I’m not the only one. Teehee.

Sorry, can’t help adding the talk bubbles cause his pose reminds me of the drowning kid in my primary school text books XD

Left the pool around 9.30pm after being shoo-ed by the security guard. It was already half and hour after the closing time.

Sexy back =)))

Merdeka wa a lame excuse. We were there to have our usual booze party, at the same time to celebrate Serena and Oliver’s birthday.

While we were still sober.

Fuzz mixing the cocktail.

Ta-dah! It’s ready!

We started the night with 3 shots of tequila each.

Salt and lemon are essential to get rid of the pungent and prevent our throat from burning sensation.

Soh zai trying to make the liquor flow to is brain in a higher rate.

That’s. . urm, a very unusual pose I’ve never come across.

Hik enjoys the cocktail.

Me and the half drunk squirrel. Su cute!

Squirrel loves biting.

We played card games with self-created rules and punishments (which was obviously non other than shots and shots and shots). I refrained myself from playing in order to stay sober. Hiak hiak.

Unfortunately, I could never escape from the crazy drunk squirrel. He went a little bit high and started hitting me hard with the big pillow X(

And then I was kicked down the bed wtfreak. KO-ed.
Lesson: Do not pillow fight with a drunk mad squirrel.

The after math of gulping down too much punishment cocktails. HAHAHAHAHA I can imagine their laughter. (How Zan looks so gay)

Orgy Group fight.

Incessant jumping and dancing on the bed.

Roarrrrrs the vampire!

Edmund was always the first to KO.

At last I couldn’t resist snake and ladders game, and long before I realized, I was had already received the punishment for more than 8shots -.-

Hmm. . . want some. . . potato chips?

Hiak hiak. Me ish haunting you.

12am, the historical moment we had been waiting for!

Happy 51st Merdeka! We are the patriotic bunch! ^^


Anonymous said...

oi..when did u took that "vampire" pic of me???

Katie ♥ said...

"Ironic as it sounds, the thought of shoving something up my vagina is way too daunting."




Benjamin Chuah said...

Lol, funny hell post XD

Copykate said...

yatz, don't u remember posing for me? LOL u were probably too drunk then!

Copykate said...

katie, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA shuddup! it's true k! i never dare to use a tampon. hmpf

Copykate said...

benjamin, yea funny pictures! XD

Anonymous said...

what's with the gay caption pulaks...

Hayley said...

hmm...very big bendera msia somemore ;p

Copykate said...

howzan, LOLLLLL u memang look gay in that pic!

Copykate said...

hayley, of coz! we're the patriotic bunch of 3 big races! XD