Tuesday, October 21, 2008


No updates for long. Don’t you miss my face that always look the same in every pic? Kaka.

This time I have something different to show. Ta-dah! It’s like, the best pic I have ever taken. LOL. My eyes were too red and swollen that night X(

Anyway, it was my first time to Chilis. Yay somebody’s treat!

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? Even bought that tee to deny his cuteness! XD

Triple Play.

Monterey Chicken. I’ve never liked chicken breast but this one tastes really okay. Couldn’t have enough of the mashed potato!

Look, it’s a heart shape! How sweet ^^

Squirrel attempting to scare me with the knife. Ngek ngek.

Wouldn’t forget to take a pic together. Kaka you still can’t see me~

Though Chilis might be a bit overpriced, but I was extremely satisfied, and in fact, impressed by the food. Definitely worth my visit. Gotta add it to my hang out list! =)))


Anonymous said...

hi i like your bf's t-shirt.. may i know where did he got it from? thanks!!

Hikaru said...

like the shirt only? lol

bought it in sunway..forgot the name of the shop

but the shop is opposite A&W..sell alot of statement T

Copykate said...

what else do u expect him to be interested in? jeez.

CUTE boy wears the CUTE tee! ^^