Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Preppy School Girl

Hello babes! I’m in a shopping mood this weekend, plus I am in dire need of more decent clothings, so I decided to do some real shopping! Oh, did I tell you that I do not own any sport shoes? Meanwhile, all my pumps are either torn or too old to be worn. Therefore, you can imagine my exuberance when I saw the shoes shops are having grand sales! Eventhough it doesn’t make much difference to me since those that I bought are new arrivals without any discount, the sight of 50% 70% banner made me happy!

Cut the crap. I’m gonna show you my shopping stuff!

-Smocked off-shoulder white top
-Vintage leather cinchier
-Geometric print knee length skirt
-White sling-back wedges

-Black and grey stripped knit top
-Formal tweedy full length skirt
-Black peep toe heels

-Preppy school girl knit top
-Lemon yellow skinny jeans
-Gold sandal heels

OMG don’t you love my new clothes and shoes??? I totally heart the waist belt especially! I’ve been looking for one since forever! The sad thing when it comes to finding a waist belt is that most of them are too loose for me X(

By the way, check out pix of me looking both ridonkulous and retarded in Katie's post. Apparently her favourite word now is “ridonkulous” -.-

Lastly, I present you, your all-time-favourite bimbo Kate!

And all shall bow down in awe and veneration XD


Anonymous said...

u buy new clothes again arr???? PlZ lah wei...so many disasters nowadays, china earthquake and myanmar got cyclone somemore...u ar..plz b a bit sympathy lah...donate all d money u used to buy those MEANINGLESS things to all d victims lah.... haiz....no use i LOVE u so much, u juz made me disappointed..no yet noe how 2 earn money oledi noe how 2 waste money.. u drained money like open water tape. u tot I'm millionaire arr? I give u all d money n u use it 2 buy all " pretty" clothes... i wan 2 break up with u liao...OPPS...v never start pun...I LOVE U DEARDEAR... ( vomitting now)

Anonymous said...

The 1st picture, the clothes looks great!

*Oops 1st time here, nice to know your blog. I'm Alan

babychyu said...

hey kate i love ur new clothes
mwah ^^

Copykate said...

copydog, u again??? jeez. no comment -.-

Copykate said...

dsvt, hi alan =)

Copykate said...

babychyu, thanks! still haven't wear them yet XD