Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cheesie's Get Together

Cheesie’s get together at Baroque, Heritage Row.

The little cosy place which was perfect for our gathering.

I went with Jane, Steph and Ren.

Door gift to be given out! Now I’ve got more than enough of Wella product XD

Kenny and Joshua, the two guys who seem really free. Girls, you should go ask them out! LOL.

Cheddie looks so tiny and adorable in real life!

Poor Cheddie X(

Simon was there too =)

I didn’t know that May Zhee was there until I saw Simon’s camera! Garn. She makes me feel fat X(

I felt some hair tickling my right shoulder when Ringo and I took this picture. Eeeerrrrr. . .

In return, I shall show everyone the very vain side of the bimbotic Malaysian teen author! XD

KY was the photographer of the night.

Spot him in this photo? Teehee.

Card games.

Mafia. I’m still confused about detective, mafia and civilian. Oh well.

Mike da whore only turned up when I was going back. He should have come earlier cause. . cause I look so good in his DSLR! =PPP

Happy belatelatelatelated birthday! Thanks for the awesome party and enjoyable night.

Can't wait for more <3


Simon Seow said...

May Zhee is so gonna kill you lol

Copykate said...

nah she won't. she might bitch-slap me though. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

joshuaongys said...

lolz hahhahahahahha

Copykate said...

laugh what?!

KY said...

may zhee memang almost like a stick figure, the poor girl needs to eat! lol

Anonymous said...

So you should have hung around right so that my camera can take more photos. :p

VIPs always turns up late mah, you don't know meh? :p

Copykate said...

ky, couldn't agree more! and she kept worrying that she would look fat in the pictures!

garn. i should feel ashamed.

Copykate said...

michael, i wish so, but unclejosh and peiman were already there to pick me up.

you should have gone there earlier! =P