Friday, April 18, 2008

Hectic Day

This must be the most hectic day ever!

I took a bus back to Muar in the morning, and traveled to KL again in the evening. Just to get my passport!

And guess what? I’m flying to Krabi Island in another 12hours time!!! Woohoo~

On second thought, all the trouble today was worth it =)

For the first time, my luggage is half-full and light. Oh well, those skimpy dresses and bikinis couldn’t have weighed that much eh? XD

*yawn* I just reached home like 10minutes ago. Thanks to someone who brought me to the lake park instead of driving me straight home -.- Ha, we had a good time though. And it wasn’t until today that I discovered the Eye On Malaysia is still there! So they’ve extended the date till 31st of August huh?

Anyway babes, sorry for not informing earlier. The trip was a last minute decision. I’ve just booked the flight ticket like, yesterday? LOL. Please don’t call me during these 4days yea. You know I wouldn’t answer any of your reverse-charged phone calls =P

SMS to tell me that you miss me! What? You’ll be charged the same price only k! XD

I shall be back on Monday. Till then =)))


jcjessjessiejessica said...

i wana keeeeelllll you. so you're playing under the sun while i sit for my donkey exam which i dang gonna screw? flung all papers! yay!

Simon Seow said...

Where's Krabi island?

Anonymous said...

You are goin to Krabi? awww.... i wish i can go too. :P have a nice day!

joshuaongys said...

enjoy ur trip bah haha

~YM~ said...

Pulau Ketam ke? hehe

Copykate said...

jess: yea i was sunbathing and flirting with ang moh when u were sitting for ur papers! XD

simon: thailand. go google it dude! lol

jg: it's a nice place. you should go next time!

joshua: thanks XD

ym: not pulau ketam! jeez. it's krabi thailand =)