Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Qualities Men Should Have

Recently I saw a video of Linora talking about the qualities that men should have. Found it rather interesting so I shared the video but later on I found out that the video was removed! I think the bitchy and bimbotic way she talks in the video kinda offended the public especially her radio listeners. But trust me, she doesn’t talk like that in real life lah. LOL.

The video got me thinking about qualities men should have. True it varies with individuals and we certainly have no right to decide what specific qualities a man ought to possess. But when it comes to picking the right man, there are certain requirements from us that we hope they could fulfill.

In her video, there are a few qualities mentioned which I couldn’t agree more.



Or more often known as the “gentleman”. For example, holding the door for a girl instead of walking ahead and have the door slammed on her face!

Okay maybe you would think, the girl got no hand meh cannot hold the door herself ah???

Yes we do have hands and we could very much hold the door as well as you could. But being a man, don’t you think it’s only polite if you hold the door and let her pass through first instead of being selfish and just walk ahead? It irritates me very much when a guy does that. I’ve encountered it several times before and being outspoken as always, I confronted the guys straight away and taught them the right thing to do. It always ended up with them apologizing sarcastically. Not sure if they’d taken my advice into consideration -.-

It gets worse when the guy happens to be your boyfriend! Have you ever had your boyfriend walking way ahead of you while you sulk and stomp your feet while trying to catch up? I don’t remember having dated someone like that lah but I know some guys really do that. Why can’t they just hold the girl’s hand and walk with her side by side? Tskkk.



I used to know guys who don’t brush their teeth after waking up, don’t shower regularly, don’t spray deodorant in spite of the unbearable body odour, wear ugly socks that don’t match the shoes (seriously?), keep greasy untrimmed hair like Professor Snape etc etc. You should be able to guess the reason I wrote “used to know” instead of “I know”.

Seriously guys, it’s time you learn how to groom yourself!

Even my friend’s dogs know how to groom better!

Okay maybe not, because dogs don’t groom themselves. It was the pet salon’s job to groom them. LOL.
But my point is, even if you don’t give a damn about your appearance, you should at least care about personal hygiene! Never mind if you don’t wax your pubic hair (no one is interested in licking your balls in the first place if you’re a disgusting guy who knows noting about grooming XD), but at least trim your hair when it’s already so out of shape! Don’t tell me you want to look like Steve Aoki. Chances are you would end up resembling the street beggar.

It also irks me when guys mismatch their clothing. A striped shirt doesn’t go well with a checked pants! I have this stupid person in mind as I’m writing this line. His verdict: it doesn’t matter, I still look good. What an idiot!

Next it relates us to guys with long nails.


I’m not so much against this though because I myself keep long nails all the time. So who am I to judge? Teehee. But as far as I’m concern, none of the guys I know have long nails. If they wanna play the guitar they can just use the triangle thing wat. Whatever you call it. Guitar pick or something.

HAHAHAHA spider hair!


If I see it I would take out my tweezer and pluck it off!

But that means I need to get a new tweezer every time I do it. Wouldn’t want to use the same tweezer that once plucked out a man’s nose hair. GROSS!

That’s why even men should check themselves out thoroughly in the mirror every morning. Get rid of your spider hair before we women catch the sight of it!

Last but not least,


Patience – a very important quality many men lack.

“Are you done with your make up? I’m starving!”

Goodness, waiting for a few minutes for me won’t 饿死 okay! I can accept it when the guy complains once or twice, but when they kept nagging and kicking a fuss it seriously gets on my nerves. I don’t even complain when I wait for you to finish up your stupid game!


But anyway nowadays I’ve been avoiding using make up. I’m already quite used to seeing myself without.


My sour puss face when I disapprove men’s behaviour. Teehee.

Of course those aren’t the only qualities I expect from men! There’s a whole lot more to that but I’m not gonna further elaborate. Care to tell me about your view on qualities men should have? 


Kevin Tan said...

Ain't that great to see you without makeup and look like a natural beauty? :)

Nana Eddy said...

Girl, real guitarist always have long nails. It contributed to the tone of their guitar... especially when they do plucking.

Copykate said...

Kevin: aww thanks! a little doubtful about the natural beauty part though. lol

Nana: really?? *okay.jpg* but well, like i said that one i don't really care. lol

Tony Johor Kaki said...

hahaha this is so real and funny :D

Copykate said...

Johor Kaki: glad you enjoyed it :)

cleffairy said...

*sigh* All I ask for in a man (my husband) is not be late, respecting my time, and dun bloody ignore my calls or sms! :( Hate those...and yet still stuck with a man of that habit. FML. :(

ps: Totally can relate about the game... my husband may not play game, but his "in a while more" or "I'm on the way" is like... 12hours ++! GRRRR!

Anonymous said...

Hey there CopyKate, just read about your qualities on what men should have, I think what you have shared and worth it, the way you explain and elaborate is funny and still retains the fact value. You look better without make up, plus you have clear complexion and skin tone and nice eyes too :).

Copykate said...

cleffairy: aww, i can totally understand how you feel! you should confront him and give him a serious talk about how you dislike these habits.

anonymous: lol thanks, was just writing whatever that came out of my mind. I've been going out without my make up a lot these days :)