Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo Booth

Added a new album to my Facebook that keeps a collection of my vanity captured on my Macbook's Photo Booth application! Yea I've finally got myself a Macbook Air 13" after using my old faithful HP Compaq for 5 years! That poor laptop is damaged here and there. CD player spoilt, battery kaput, adapter broken, mouse pad doesn't work, takes forever to start up, laggy, shuts down by itself etc. I even spent a few hundreds replacing the battery and adapter yo! Dad said it's because I'm a rough person that's why my laptop had so many problems, and he added that even if I get a Macbook the same things are bound to happen. NO!!!! Go ask around la whose laptop can lasts for 5 years without having these problems. In fact it's a miracle that it's still able to work after such a long time. I believe my Macbook will last even longer without giving me any problem! There you go, a new Apple user is born. Teehee.


Really busy with assignments lately. Nothing much to blog anyway since my routined life these few weeks is quite mundane. Anyhow I still managed to dress up to uni today and took some photos for OOTD post! Will upload soon!

Nah here's a cool photo of me. Notice how the mirrored image of my hand formed a heart shape! XD


If only I could spilt myself, I would assign the other me to do all the shit work while I go have fun and blog as much as I want. Meh.

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