Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kolam Air Panas Sg. Gerisik

Visited the hot spring in Muar when I was back for raya break. It was my first experience at Kolam Air Panas Sg. Gerisik. To be honest I hadn’t heard of that place until then.


Don’t exactly know how to direct you there as all I know is it is located somewhere along the way from Muar to Batu Pahat.


To my surprise, it was a decent place. Quite well-maintained except the "g" from "Selamat Datang" fell off. HAHA. Even more surprising, we didn’t have to pay! 


Quite crowded that day since it was public holiday. This hot spring is way better maintained than the one at Selayang that I visited a few times before!


The water was quite hot for me in the beginning but after I soaked my whole body inside, it actually felt really comfortable! The pool in the middle contained hot boiling water which can easily get you scalded. We should have cooked some half-boiled eggs there wtf.

The pool there was reasonably clean for a public hot spring. But of course you don’t expect it to be as clean as a swimming pool la. There are still some dirt here and there. Must shower after soaking!!!


I suggest you bun your hair if you’re ever visiting a hot spring.

Damn geram cause I got fungal infection after I came back from the hot spring! 5 of us went but I was the only one who got it. FML. Managed to get rid of it though after applying some cream from the pharmacy. I think it was probably due to the water shortage at the bathroom there. Didn’t get to take a proper shower immediately hence the infection. Jeez.

It was a fun experience nonetheless!


missyblurkit said...

Its definitely more well maintained than the one in Selayang and Ulu Yam!

And with this post, I think the hot springs is another reason for me to take a drive to visit Muar.

Copykate said...

missyblurkit: yea you should pay a visit! it's located south. just make sure you find your way :)