Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 by Andrew

Right, if you haven't realised that the iPhone 5 was released yesterday, you must be living under a coconut shell at the bottom of a well. My twitter feed and facebook has been flooded incessantly with posts and tweets about the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3, which one is better? Here's a review on the comparison between these 2 smartphones.

You can read more the features of the new iPhone on Apple's website here

And here is a photo of the new iPhone.

Some of the more important new features of the new iPhone that Apple is eager to champion include:

1. The newer and faster A6 processor which ensures that the whole experience is faster and smoother

2. Larger 4 inches screen. You might notice that the iPhone now displays 5 rows of apps.

3. Lighter and thinner. Only 112 grams and 7.6mm thick.

4. 4G capabilities which ensures super fast wireless broadband in countries such as the US and more recently UK which is starting up its 4G services.

Now, lets take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some of the more prominent features which stand out to me include:

1. Its screen. A 4.8 inch AMOLED screen with HD resolution

2. Its size and weight. It is 8.6mm thick and weighs 133 grams.

3. Processor. Nippy 1.4Ghz Quad-core processor.

4. NFC. Otherwise known as near field communication which is a new set of communication standards which will allow you to do things like pay for small items simply by flashing your phone.

I think both the iPhone and the S3 are quite similar in terms of performance with both being equally responsive and nippy. The iPhone might edge out slightly because it is designed based on a closed Apple system so all apps are incredible streamlined and coherent as compared to Andriod on the S3 which is a open system so there might be inherent compatibility issues which affects its performance.

Camera. The S3's camera is highly touted and from the photos that I have seen, it certainly is impressive with incredibly low noise levels in low lightning situations. I have yet to seen test photos from the iPhone so I cannot judge on that.

Personally, I prefer the bigger S3 with its bigger screen because I have large hands anyway and I appreciate the additional real estate and feel I get when I am holding it in my hands. The 21 grams weight difference doesn't really matter to me.

At the end of the day, take away all the specs comparison and I think these two devices are pretty evenly matched so it really comes down to you the buyer. Here are some points that I think you should consider:

1. Closed Apple iOS system or the more open Android system.

2. Size and weight and how you feel about carrying it about.

3. Price. The iPhone 5 is priced the same as the old 4S which is slightly more expensive than the S3 in most countries.

Well there you have it, a short and simple comparison of the new iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Are you planning on buying a new smartphone soon? Let us know in your comments below on which one you've decided to get. Till next time!



Ryan said...

The Samsung S3 is like a girl then, according to point no.4 :

4. NFC. Otherwise known as near field communication which is a new set of communication standards which will allow you to do things like pay for small items simply by flashing your phone.

If you know what I mean

irmond said...

isnt s3 suppose to be 1.5ghz quad core?

Andrew Chua said...

@imond nope. Definitely a 1.4Ghz Quad Core. Check out

Anonymous said...

Iphone 5.. how much roughly would it sell in M'sia? any suggestions as to where I should buy it? =)

Andrew Chua said...

@Anonymous Well, Apple hasn't released the official prices for the Malaysian market yet but judging from the US market's trend, it should be selling for the same price as the older iPhone 4S which is starting from RM1799 in Malaysia.

Apple employes very strict price control on its products so all legal and proper sales channels will be selling the iPhone for the same price. That said, you can get it online from or from official retailers like eMachines.

Kevin Tan said...

I don't think iPhone 5 has any NFC capabilities built in. It is indeed a new standard, but not from Apple though, if you notice that Google Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, S3 already have that implemented already. In addition to that, mobile payments and data transfers(contacts, links, images) can be done using NFC.

I guess I'll do another round of review of the comparisons of these phones. :)

jolene said...

if i'm going to change my iphone, i will not get another iphone. i rather get android. shouldn't have got iphone in the first place

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Andrew! =))

Andrew Chua said...

@Kevin yup, no NFC in iPhone. Well at least non was announced

Anonymous said...

do let us know if u have any otr updates / info.. =)

Andrew Chua said...

One thing is for sure. The new iPhone 5 is selling like hot cakes. 2 million orders in the first day of pre-order in the US. Breaking all previous records!

Unknown said...

There's no doubt that Apple is the brand whose sales chart goes up by its only name. The name Apple is enough to describe about its product. But this time the fight among Apple & Samsung. But I got Samsung Galaxy S3 Comparison with other of Samsung Model and Nokia. It was very floated in market & News also that the Galaxy S3 is the competing Model with iPhone also. I was finding the right place where I could make myself clear & doubtless about that for what should I go iPhone5 or Galaxy S3. After reading this blog I would like to go for Samsung Galaxy S3 as it has much more features than iPhone 5. Like Big screen, NFC, 2Gb RAM etc.

Andrew Chua said...

@Agnes I am sure that you will enjoy the S3. Rest assure that whichever one you choose, you will be getting a great phone! Personally I prefer the S3 too because of the big screen