Friday, September 7, 2012

OOTD Chiffon Scallop

You must have seen this set of outfit in my birthday post. But here are some detailed pictures.


Rumour has it the skirt-maker ran out of cloth, hence he made the skirt short at the front and long at the back 


HAHAHAHA nolah just my bullshit. But yea, you must have noticed girls wearing this type of skirt around recently.



Black scallop top – F Block
Maroon chiffon skirt – Attack
Pearly flowers clincher – Attack
Black flats with ribbon – Seoul
Speedy Damier 30 – Louis Vuitton
Chanel inspired Charm bracelet – Asian Avenue
Golden butterfly ring - Diva


TheJessicat said...

YEah babe its called a mullet skirt :)

Copykate said...

TheJessicat: Oh!! Thanks babe! XD