Saturday, November 6, 2010


Oh boy, don’t we all love fairy tale? Now here’s one from Disney showing in the cinemas on 25th November!


IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR, life would be a pain in the ass than what it already is right now.
I wouldn’t be so happy feeling that heavy nuisance scraping all over dirt and poop each step I take.

At the same time, it might soak in the toilet bowl and get flushed down together with my sh**.


I can already imagine all the weird things that would start living in my hair each day I sleep. Birds, lizards and insects would live in it. Icky!

If I cross the road, my hair wouldn’t make it in time and it’d get run over by cars and motorcycles! :(


It’s also dangerous to have hair that long, if I ride a rollercoaster the rail would catch my hair and rip it off my scalp! Just like the disaster we heard which occurred in Genting some time ago.

Come to think of it, having hair that long has their advantages too.

I could save a drowning person provided I don’t get pulled in as well.


I would be in high demand by photographers and hair stylists for Fashion shows.

While washing my blanket, I could substitute it using my hair to keep me warm at night.

Now, may I present you my best worst hair! Scary isn’t? And it wasn’t even close to 4 feet! Can you imagine it being 70 feet long??? Jeez.


I’d never want Rapunzel’s hair! Noooooooooooooooooooo!


Anyway, click here and check out how you can win premiere screening tickets to watch Rapunzel!


Loo said...

HAHAHA d last pic totally made my LOL hard! ur PS skill sucks shit la! HAHAHA so funny d eyelashes

Unknown said...

omfg sezzy hair <3

Copykate said...

loo: HAHA shuddup it's meant to look hideous k! that's not done by photoshop by the way. i used lousy meitu xiuxiu XD

sam: it's yellow! like baby shit. lol

Copykate said...

baby: i know right! XD

domokun said...

haha damn cute ur pix..hope u win lol

Copykate said...

domokun: lol thanks! not aiming for the grand prizes though. just hoping to get the movie passes XD