Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photobucket Exceeded Bandwidth

Hello people! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have probably realized that my blog looks like shit now with all the missing photos. Forgive me for the exceeded bandwidth. It’s due to the fact that too many of you had clicked on my photos during the past whole month. So stop clicking my photos already, people! I’m too cheapskate to pay for the upgraded photobucket pro! I’m gonna continue using the free photobucket, hoping that you guys will stop clicking them. I assure you that the photos will be restored on 27th this month. Meanwhile just bear with the ugly appearance yea :(

The past few days have been occupied with events. After getting busy with studies for the whole semester, it’s time I finally free myself from all worries and start socializing. I’m glad to have met a few new people and also some familiar faces despite having lost contact for quite a while. I know I haven’t been updating about events I went to. Sometimes (most of the time) laziness just got the better of me. You can always check out those photos on my Facebook though. Drop me a message if you fail to add me. Fb is being a bitch after I ignored what seems like 200 requests from strangers, it started preventing people from adding me.

I’m supposed to go back to Muar today but as usual, I have to attend a job briefing and interviews next week, and not forgetting there are two premiere screenings for Rapunzel and The Social Network. So it looks like my going back home plan has to be postponed. Pretty sure mum will not be pleased. Oh well. But I’m already missing all the cheap and nice hawker food in Muar especially otak-otak! I’m going to eat like 20 of them when I go back! Teehee.

Since my photobucket had exceeded its bandwidth, I’ve signed up for Flickr. Figured I would use both at the same time. Here’s a photo taken with my Blackberry Bold 9700 yesterday. Found it rather cute so I can’t resist posting it up!


My hair doesn’t stink by the way. It smells good like Sunsilk Damage Control! :)

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JunJun-Riko said...

yes... should use flickr. XDXD