Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featured Twice in One Day

Getting featured twice on the same newspaper in one day? Wow first time in my life man.

Sin Chew Daily on 3rd November 2010. First it was the photo taken during Ideos Android launch in which I looked short standing next to Stepfanie. FML.


Then there was another photo in 今日我最美 (today I’m the prettiest wtf) column. I know right, that was so embarrassing! I remember how I used to laugh at how silly those people looked on that page. And more often than not they are not pretty. I bet now every Sin Chew reader in Kuala Lumpur city would start pointing fingers at me and criticize my look. Wtfreak.


Anyway, these are the photos scanned and tagged by a FB friend. Didn’t manage to buy the newspaper as my schedule was occupied by Business Law exam. What a relief that we’ve completed that hectic paper! My right hand turned numb from those 3hours of continuously writing. Thank God I finished all the questions just on time.

Anyone from KL bought the newspaper? Mind keeping a copy for me? Thanks a lot! =)


Copykate said...

baby: ahh i still haven't got it from anyone! *sad*

heng said...