Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Magical Journey


My magical journey begins somewhere in the realm of the White Witch. My adventure below is narrated by my newly-hired servant, Mr. Insanity from the world of Narnia.


The dethroned white witch plotted to take the throne of Narnia with a plan she devised for 15 years. While on her chariot together with her army nearing the Realms of the White Witch, her back started having some problems which greatly affected her plans.

witch copy

The White Witch did not want her army to know and had them camp in the forest. She summoned the white dove and sent a snow crystal with her words engraved carved by the last powers of her magical staff and instructed the little dove to travel to the mortal world and find a girl with good hands. The dove flew into the ice lake portal in search for a match.

white dove

Somewhere in the human world, a family trip to the Himalayas was followed by Kate and her family who owned a massage parlor in Thailand. Kate was angry.

Moments ago she argued with her brother for dropping her cendol and her parents scolded her to shut up which was why she ran away. Kate walked as far as she could climbing over the tip of the mountain and saw a full view of the mountain.

She started sobbing in misery and looked up into the cold blue sky searching for comfort. Kate noticed something shining in the sky, a crystal fell from the dove into the snow as it continued circling above her. Kate got up and picked up the crystal. She rubbed the frost off the crystal and engravings said ‘The Onion Witch’.

onion copy

Suddenly a penguin appeared infront of her and sucked her into its mouth, followed by the dove. Kate woke up and found herself infront of the White Witch. She was in awe to see such a sexy angry woman with pale skin.

W.Witch: Girl, I need a massage.

Kate: What will I get in return?

W.Witch: I have a Ginza Tanaka’s purse worth $1.9 million, or would you like Chanel’s “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag which you would probably pick the…


Kate: Nothing can beat Chanel, I’ll take it.


Kate the massager celebrity had 6 years of massaging experience and was popularly known for guest-massaging Barack Obama’s back.

The White Witch laid down on the back of the chariot and asked Kate to take care of her polar bears.

soup copy

After two hour of resting the Witch got up and zapped Kate with her magical staff.

Kate: You scammed me!!!!

The White Witch grinned. ‘I will never let anyone touch my Chanel’. The Witch turned around as Kate reappeared back in the Himalayas.

Due to Kate’s misfortune, not only did she get conned by the *itch, it was because of Kate who was bad at doing business that the White Witch successfully took over the kingdom of Narnia and became the Queen.

And the revenge begins….

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