Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May

The other day while looking through my Picasa album, I found this photo which gave me a good laugh.

Guess you know who he is. I mean, who else other than him would do something hideous like this??? LMAO! Okay, so I was obviously the one who put the plastic bag over his head (I know, I always do awesome things like that XD). But I wouldn’t have captured the golden moment if he had not posed for like 3 seconds. LOL.

Today marked the first day of our AS exam. I’m glad that I was able to complete every question, with much confidence of course, since they are more or less similar t past year paper. Provided if I do well in my other Math paper, securing an A isn’t a problem. To be honest, unlike some geniuses, I don’t usually excel in my Mathematics. Each time I sit for Math paper, I couldn’t help but panic a little. It made things wore because whenever I am nervous, I tend to get tummy ache. And when I get tummy ache, I start panicking about the time limit. Then I failed to concentrate and think well even though the questions aren’t that difficult. Well, not this time. After knowing my own weak point, I did all the past year questions and prepared myself mentally. I took it as a normal practice, and it really worked! I suppose from now on I have to forget the fact that I’m actually sitting for an important exam in order to do better?

Oh, someone gave me a good luck pinch while we were entering the hall. Perhaps the charm really worked. But trust me, you wouldn’t want the pinch because I know it only works on me it is totally unnecessary. I totally freaked out and complained to Ben about it. Omg have I not mentioned that my candidate number is just right after Ben? So I will be sitting behind him during all the exams, just like during our internal exams! Kinda gives me a sense of security! XD

I won’t be attending class until my exam ends. Gosh, why are they not giving us study break???

Anyone knows about any good deal for Redang package? We are most probably going there for our class trip on June. That’s like, only 1 month to go! Gotta make our reservation quick! So tell me if you know any! Teehee.


Loo said...

oh my classmates are going to redang on 28th may... i am not going coz have to sit bus. back and fro okay?! wtf. but i think it's quite cheap. like 460 per head only. inclusive of bus, meals, rooms, snorkelling. contact me if u interested. den i help u ask them. Redang bay resort if not mistaken. dunno how clean exactly is that. hee hee..

Benjamin Chuah said...


YA LOR OMG such coincidence @_@ wow sense of security? LMAO!!! n i'm sitting behind tze lih as well XD

Copykate said...

loo: we are gonna take bus too. much cheaper than plane XD i've found a few packages, the activities are more or less the same. yea around that price for 3 days 2 nights. gotta do more research and discuss with my classmates. teehee.

ben: a pinch in the *tott* is so pervertish! gotta ask him to try it on u next time. i can already imagine your reaction! XD sense of security coz i'm so used to sitting behind u during exam. kaka

s00P3I said...

oh.. u all oso plan went redang? haha..v oso plan to went pulau perhentian or redang.. nice!! hahah

Copykate said...

soopei: really??? we can go together! XD

s00P3I said...

nice season to went redang n perhentian since both r near near... it will be great memory if went together.. heheh:) but seem lik no news about the trip ad... sad..