Friday, June 13, 2008

Mister Potato Contest

Attention to everyone out there, especially football fans, Mister Potato is giving out 30 tickets to Old Trafford, Manchester for a stadium and museum tour worth RM15,000 each! All you have to do is to collect the Mister Potato seal and pouch to accumulate football points. Top 30 football point collectors will win the ticket, whereas there will be bnus RM5000 cash prize for the top 3 highest football point collectors!

Apart from that, the top 5 monthly collectors will win jerseys personally autographed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Ballack, Femando Torres, Nani & Cesc Fabregas with photograph and certificate of authentication included. Wow, tell me if that didn’t appeal to you??? Authentic signature of your favourite football players!!! A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Here is a picture of the Limited Edition Packaging product: Original, Hot and Spicy, BBQ, Sour Cream and Smoked Turkey, Tomato (what a pity I couldn’t find any Tangy Lemon flavour!).

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest hypermarket and grab as many Mister Potato as you can! For more details on the contest, kindly visit

I’m sure everyone has read about Nuffnang Project Trafford on my previous post. Our secret project team, Group B has worked on the idea for days and is now ready to present you some good ways that you should consider in order to win the to-die-for grand prize! So basically, just to give you a brief idea, our strategy works as below:

-Obtain Mister Potato from wholesaler
-Repackage Mister Potato
-Organize an event to sell the repackaged chips

Based on the strategy above, each of us will organize an event which involves every team member. In this case, I will be organizing a “Mister Potato Buy and Win” event targeted to children of all ages. When it comes to children event, there are often many who are willing to turn up.

See, even big children loves to have fun!

What’s more, children can’t possibly resist the temptation of finger licking good Mister Potato!~

So, firstly, Tougeking will contact the wholesaler and negotiate for a good deal. The Mister Potato products will then be loaded into his truck and be delivered to us within a few minutes, considering he is a drifting king XD

After that, David, the event coordinator will then obtain a permit for organizing the “Mister Potato Buy and Win” event in a selected public location. After all, we don’t wanna get caught for selling Mister Potato illegally =P

When the date and venue is confirmed, I, as the Public Relation executive will then prepare some low-cost brochures and fliers to notify the public about the upcoming event. At the same time, I will be planning some games and contests that can attract more children to be there.

Part of our strategy is to find someone to dress up as a clown, or an adorable animal character to distribute freebies to little kids. Think about it, weren’t you excited to see Mr. Clown when you were at the age of 5?

In this case, we’ve all come to decision that David will be the most suitable one to dress up and entertain the little kids. Look at how he presents himself in the bunny suit! XD

Angelicassie, the emcee of the day will encourage the participation of everyone, regardless adults, teenagers or children. Beside, she will ensure that the event goes smoothly according to the schedule.

Meanwhile, we need a sales director who will be in charge of repacking and selling the Mister Potato products. In this case, it will be none other than Charles. Of course, all of us will assist him in the task. All repacking jobs will be done on the spot to assure the public that Mister Potato will be “Fresh till the last crisp!”

Most importantly, we will not forget to collect the seals and pouches of Mister Potato, which serve as the main purpose of the entire event =)

For every purchase of 3 bottles or 5packs of Mister Potato, one will be allowed to turn the prize wheel. The best thing about this is, you will not go home empty-handed! Simply purchase our Mister Potato, you will get to turn the wheel and claim your prizes!

(Prizes are subject to changes. Note the beautiful Mister Potato paper bag! XD)

Now, if you were to follow our method of collecting football points, do keep in heart the total points you would get from each different packaging.

Kindly visit the links below for my team members’ events which I am involved in:

David –

For the summary of all events, do drop by our team leader’s page:
Ringo –

Last but not least, CLICK HERE to load the page of our main sponsor.

Ready for a trip to Old Trafford? =)))


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