Friday, June 6, 2008

Repermed It

Hello people! I’ve finally completed my Mister Potato entry and have submitted it for approval. Phew. At last. And next, I have to start my entry on Nuffnang Wild Life Party.

The other day, I called Richard (my hairdresser) and tell him that I was utterly disappointed with my hair that has already turned straight. Remember my Loreal Wonder Wave? So, being a kind director, he agreed to reperm it for me! =)

Now my hair looks awesome again! Hopefully it will stay in place and won’t turn straight after a hair wash.

Great mirror that shows off my legs XD

The proud girl in shades and flora chiffon dress. Wtfreak.

Update on some meals I had! (boring food review???)

KFC for lunch!

My favourite cheesie wedges.

Me pretending to hesitate which chilli sauce would taste better =.=”

Copying UncleJosh’s senget photographing style XD

KFC Guess the Mileage Contest! You have 3more days to submit the entry!

By the way, remember the guy who brought Shin Chan to the Pajama Party?

He is a little prince! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg wtfreak so gay ROFL! I forced him to wear my princess tiara! LOL. Sorry Hikaru, this pic is way too funny that I can’t resist putting it up. Ngo zhi lei yiu ta bin ngo XD

Pasta Zanmai! Digicam battery flat so had to snap with camera phone. Pardon me for the bad quality pix.

Sesame cream chicken spaghetti. A delicious large portion!

Yummy potato salad!


Needless to say, those healthy food was mine. Teehee.

He so looks like Shin Chan lo. Wtfreak.

Anyway, I’m heading back to KL in a few hours time. Gotta start packing and get ready. Will be at the Roxy Summer Splash tomorrow. So, see ya peeps there! =)


ly said...

hi babe,

your perm looks great. very natural. care to share which salon and stylist did it for you?

i have heard so much about the wonderwave but i have not seen the perm in person! most of my friends do the conventional digital perm.


Anonymous said...

little prince wtf LOL

Copykate said...

ly, wonder wave is awesome! you should try it. it's unlike those digital curls out there, but a subtle natural wave.

my hairstylist is from bp. comes to muar once per week. but he's at malacca most of the time.

if u want his contact, u can ask me personally =P

Copykate said...

yatz, ur gay partner! he's more like a gay prince wearing my princess tiara XD

Simon Seow said...

Waiting for approval too. Wanna try Pasta de Gohan with me next in Sunway Pyramid?

Myst3 said...

No he doesn't!

Copykate said...

simon, pasta de gohan? sounds good. lol

Copykate said...

myst3, yes he does! X(

andrew said...

weeee~ am waiting for your wild live post!! hahaa... i just done mine... simply crap only... haha

The Faux Fashionista said...

Your perm looks awesome! And the potato salad? Wahhh I wanna eat. How come I didn't think of ordering that the last time I was there...I had the sesame cream something too, but it got abit 'gelak' after awhile...

Big Boys Oven said...

very nice so kawai!

Copykate said...

andrew, aiks i haven't post it. wanted to go somewhere and take the animal pic but no chance yet X(

Copykate said...

the faux fashionista, normally i wouldn't order such healthy food geh XD the noodle was a big portion. will feel gelak after eating too much =P

Copykate said...

big boys oven, lol thanks!