Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Annoying Replies

How often do you receive a text reply that makes you frown, roll your eyes or worse still, throw your phone onto the wall? Here are some of them that I have from the back of my head. However, I must confess that I am completely guilty of having used those phrases every now and then to annoy someone :/

1. Okay then.
It is obviously not okay! What are you being unhappy about? Just say lah.

2. K.
K is a letter, an initial of my name. Strictly not for inappropriate usage of being the short form of okay to express your dissatisfaction.

3. It’s not you. It’s just me.
You mean it is completely my fault but you would try to be the bigger person by taking all the blames.

4. No offence but. . .
The fact that you even started the sentence with “no offence” condemns what comes next is surely offensive.

5. Lol…
No caps. With 3 dots that follow. The gentleman’s polite way of telling you that he is speechless.

6. Haiz nevermind.
What?! How can??? Settle the misunderstanding once and for all!

7. Only a while.
A while means at least till half past three, because there would always be something that “forced” him to stay against his wish.

8. Nothing.
Implied meaning: You are a fcking bitch but I will try to let it go in order to prevent an argument.

9. Luf u.
No you don’t. Unless you spell it correctly.

10. I am sorry for (insert faults) but you should (insert my wrongdoing)
BUT? What but? Tell me why is it necessary to add a BUT to an apology? Sorry then sorry. Don’t need BUT. End of story!

A selfie to neutralize the negative impact of this blog post ^^


Koh Kian Fai said...

ohhh shiiiit . . . I wonder how many times I LOL at you XD

Copykate said...

Kian Fai: only when it's a standalone LOL :P

Heikki said...

Funny! Randomly bumped into this blog/entry. There's one full stop conversation ender and that's "I C". Zero feedback on what you have just said, normally used after a long description of an event/liking/etc