Thursday, February 12, 2015

Marrying a Rich Man

Damsel in distress who fell in love with a prince and live happily ever after – the kind of fairy tales that misled women ever since the beginning of time.

Face it, you are never gonna meet that handsome, rich, brave, loyal man (never mind the royalty blood because you know that is too much to ask for) - epitome of perfection.

Even if a man of such exist, what makes you think he would pick you over the gazillion of other women?

Is it because you are pretty? But there are many others whose beauty outshines you.

Is it because you are blessed with great body? Again, there are girls out there whose curves and shapes would easily disqualify you from the game.

Or do you think you are good in bed??? Oh c’mon men don’t really care (because they are a strange creature that could easily be satisfied as long as you have a love hole wtf). After all, sex is more often good than bad as long as he doesn’t show premature ejaculation symptom and the condom doesn’t break.

Perhaps he would fall for your physical appearance. But how long do you think you would be able to make him stay?

Beauty fades as time passes. What he had been attracted to in the first place would vanish one day. A man so shallow; a girl so naïve. That’s when a younger and prettier one comes into place.

A girl could dream of marrying into a rich family, but never should she expect to live off his wealth and contribute nothing.

You might claim that he loves you, he sayang you therefore he would give you his everything in return for your love.

Men these days aren’t dumb either. Do you think they would willingly marry a girl who is bound to diminish his wealth?

If you dream of marrying that perfect man, think about what you’ve got to offer him in return.

Be smart, be diligent. Do not let yourself slack while expecting your dream come true.

A rich man’s words are merely empty promises. After all it is your knowledge, skills and attitude that provides a lifetime guarantee.

Ending the post with a totally irrelevant (and creepy) selfy. Because I can XD


Katie said...

you're worth more than the richest man in the world my love, never forget that <3

Anonymous said...

"Men these days aren't dumb either" wow.. when were they dumb in the first place?

I find it interesting reading posts like these comparing beauty and wealth as if they are the same thing, labelling men as "shallow" while girls "naive". If anyone is to be labelled shallow, I think it should be girls. Men like beautiful women, is there anything wrong with that? Beauty is rooted into you as a person, and is the basic definition of who you are. It cannot be separated from you. So, why is it shallow to like a major component of you.

Even if the guy only likes you for your looks, hey, he still likes a big part of you. There are certain things that people like about other people, and there are also things that people don like about that same person. We choose what we like about people. So even if he only likes you for your beauty but still willing and is happy to be with you, I don see any major issue there.

Girls on the other hand can bypass all this and go straight for the money (according to the main focus of this post). Money is not even real, its a man made thing. And that is what girls are attracted to. As far as I'm concerned, the actual guy seems to be less significant in the equation provided he has the stuff. That sounds more "shallow" if you ask me.

Andy Kho said...

Good girl!!

Joey Mok said...

Hi, this is a very well said blogpost, albeit I do not agree with all the points mentioned above.

With that being said, I would like to know if you are interested to attend a CNY reunion this coming Sunday (15 Feb 2015), 6.30pm at Purple Cane, The Gardens? It is among my batch within INTEC back in year 2007/8.

Let me know.

Joey Mok

Copykate said...

Katie: Thank you love for the constant reminder! :')

Anonymous: Always glad to hear from a different perspective. My point is girls should never set their life goal towards marrying a rich man but instead learn to be independent. Hope the article hasn't been offensive :)

Andy: :P :P :P

Joey: Hey Joey, thank you so much for the invitation! Sorry that I can't make it as I've got another CNY dinner to attend. You guys have fun. Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

tomcat said...

Wow! What made you come to realise this?

Fify said...

I hope when i become rich one day, I will someone like you. Good luck with life, stranger.