Thursday, February 19, 2015

Relatives' FAQs and Comments During CNY

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Are you all dolled up and ready to 拜年?

Here is a short compilation of relatives’ FAQs and comments during CNY.

1. Are you single or do you have a boyfriend now?
This is no doubt the first question they would surely ask me. Regardless of my answer, there will always be another question that follows.   

2. What does your boyfriend do? How old is he? What does his dad do? What is his surname? Where does he stay? How many siblings does he have? etc etc.

3. When are you getting married?
Not until we both accumulate a little wealth (I would say financially stable, but being stable is never sufficient wtf) which will probably take another 3 -5 years. I still want to receive ang pow when I am 30 years old! XD

4. When you get married at Maldives one day you must fly us over in a private jet and sponsor our stay in a 5-star resort.
Feel proud at the fact that my relatives think so highly of me. But here’s how my wedding is gonna be: 2 participants, 1 beach wedding, 0 invitee! LOL. No wait, don’t feel offended. It just happened that I am the type who really dread having a traditional wedding dinner during which I would be obligated to invite thousands of unfamiliar faces whom I have never met before, at my OWN WEDDING! :(

5. Where are you working now?
I thought I mentioned this during the last Chinese New Year :/

6. How much is your salary?
I think I should lie about this just so they will take pity on me and give me a bigger ang pow.

7. Got increment/bonus?
How to answer this lah. .  I don’t want my family to think that I am living a easy life out there, but at the same time I don’t want them to think lowly of me. Thank goodness my increment and bonus won’t be due until next month. You can’t lie about what you don’t know right? Teehee.

8. Wahhh you are so tall already.
They’ve stopped saying that to me years ago and shifted their target to my sister instead. Because my sister has outgrown me and every year I appeared to have shrunk when standing next to her! :( No likey!!! I actually enjoyed being the tallest girl in the family! Pfft.

9. Why are you so skinny?
Because I am blessed with good genes.

10. You look like a Korean actress.
Kamsahamida! One of the flattering comments that doesn’t annoy me ^^

No matter what, don’t be irritated by your relatives never-ending questions and comments. Always uphold patience and politeness. When you are unable to answer their awkward question, just stuff your mouth with a sweet pineapple tart ^^

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