Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day - My Expectation vs Reality

Expectation: Getting off work early and head for a pre-valentine dinner.

Reality: Got off work early and headed home so I could watch the last few episodes of The Empress of China.

Expectation: Candlelight dinner with him at a fine-dining restaurant with a view.

Reality: Cooked myself some really awesome pasta. Plain pasta with cili-padi kind of awesome :/

Expectation: Sipping wine with him while watching a Jazz live performance.

Reality: Drinking milk in bed with Taylor Swift playing on Youtube.

Expectation: Receiving a love letter in the mailbox with cheesy Valentine messages.

Reality: Wrote myself words of encouragement on my yellow sticky note.

Expectation: A surprise bouquet delivered to the office.

Reality: Nothing on my desk except piles of working paper. Colleague next door received flowers! Maybe I will snap a photo and pass it off as mine wtf.

Expectation: Cuddling to sleep and waking up to him wishing me Happy Valentine’s.

Reality: Cried myself to sleep as I cursed my hatred upon St. Valentine for having invented this day :’(

Expectation: Sharing a pack of chips with him on the couch while discussing the name of our future child.

Reality: Ate my half-pint leftover Baskin Robbin ice-cream from last month. All on my own, bitch!

Expectation: Foreplay so passionate that left a hicky on my neck.

Reality: I accidentally scratched my neck during shower resulting in a strawberry-like mark :(

Expectation: To perform 50 Shades of Grey weekend challenge and try out all plausible BDSM positions.

Reality: 50 Shades of Blood: Fuck-Me-Not-Because-I-Am-Having-My-Period!!! :(

Just kidding, I don’t have period. I just have no one to try out the weekend challenge wtf.

Expectation: Showing off photos of my Valentine gift.

Reality: This blog post.

Still, Happy Valentine’s Day regardless! <3 div="">

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Koh Kian Fai said...

haha no wonder the selfie cover neck ah :P

Erik said...

Everything alright?