Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Orangey Lipstick and Colourful Nails

I’m addicted to Meitu XiuXiu! Okay I probably shouldn’t be saying this because now that I mention it, you would know that I edited some of my photos with that software. Teehee. But damn frustrated cause there’s no Mac version so every time I have to edit my photos at the web version. Oh well, want to look pretty what to do?

Posted this photo a while ago on my Facebook and someone commented asking where I bought that orangey lipstick. LOL. Damn malu I had to tell her it was actually edited T_T I went to search for that shade of lipstick after that, found a few at Chanel but haven’t really tested it. Thinking of getting one, provided the effect is the same as this 阿宝色。

This one looks a bit funny cause my mouth appeared bigger than its actual size. Not used to seeing myself with an ordinary size mouth. Anyway, just to clarify, I didn’t edit that much yo, only made my eyes look even, skin whitening, touch up, a little bit of face thinning that’s all! XD

Neglected my work out these days so my abs kinda disappeared dy *sad* No they didn’t disappear actually, just hidden by my big belly. FML. I always complain that I’m fat but no one believes me leh. They would be like where got fat where got fat? You fat then I what? But really, I’m just good at hiding my fat body parts.

Taken at Tung's community gym last month. Too kiam siap to pay for monthly gym membership so I can only follow people to community gym. LOL.

A very good instructor who taught me all sorts of exercises that I haven’t tried before (which I forgot almost immediately after each session wtf). Trained mostly top body parts which he’s obsessed with. No wonder the size of his arms compared to his legs, so not proportionate HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh look, it’s my non-existing biceps! LOL.

This morning I woke up at 6.30am because last night dad told me uncle is fetching grandpa to Melaka for medical check-up and I HAVE TO tag along to look after grandpa because he always wanders around. So reluctant to wake up at such ungodly hour. You know la I always sleep till noon time these days. I wonder how I managed to survive my school days waking up so early everyday. It’s really unbelievable. So I woke up, shower, did a little bit of make up, ate a bun and dad fetched me to grandpa’s house after dropping sis to school. When we reached there, no one was home! Apparently uncle left 30 minutes earlier than the initial scheduled time. Damn angry seriously. Dad so ke kiang asked me to follow them to Melaka (although my presence was obviously not needed!) but didn’t even tell uncle that I was going?! All it takes is a simple phone call! He said he wanted to call but it was 11pm and uncle must have been asleep. Then leave him a text for goodness sake! Well it means he only thought of asking me to go when he came home from work yesterday but not the moment when uncle said he’s bringing grandpa to Melaka because otherwise he would have told me right on the spot. He probably thinks I’m too free so he decided to ask me to go along. But still, my sleep time is precious! Thought I could get some Nadeje mille crepe today. Aihhhh so disappointed :(

Let’s not dwell on sad things. Check out my new AX tees! Got them on sales when I went to Pavilion on Christmas eve! How often do you see 40% and 50% for AX tees?! They’re still not THAT cheap after discount though so I could only get 3. Also bought a super pink bathrobe from H&M! I can already imagine myself looking all fab in that bathrobe!

Finally got rid of my Christmas gel nails and did normal manicure. It’s supposed to last for another 2 weeks before I get CNY gel design. Teehee.

How do you like my colourful nails? Going for pedicure later on! Hungry now gtg for lunch that’s all for my random update ciaoz!

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