Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen Listen Listen!

When I speak, you listen!

Oh wow, Kate talking about the current issue! HAHA. If you haven’t realized, #listen Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, Bawani and UUM are trending on Twitter. Watch this video and you’ll get it!

Following the forum that took place at UUM, the video has gone viral on the Internet causing endless angry comments. A total 11 times of listen! Or was it more? Listen listen listen, what better time to start making new jokes and meme?

Check out this funny remix!

And my favourite episode of Tokok from Namewee! XD

Even Nando’s wouldn’t miss this opportunity to come out with their new marketing! LOL.

It was so rude of her to have taken away the microphone from poor Bawani before she could finish her debate. Talking about respect, the irony. We’re not allowed to compare Malaysia to other countries, but instead compare ourselves to animals! What logic is this? -_________-“

Sharifah further humiliated Bawani saying she has the least of education after asking if there’s the need to answer Bawani’s questions considering her “attitude”. I don’t see any problem with Bawani’s attitude lo, she was merely stating the facts and raising some rational questions. It was a forum after all, and there’s supposed to be freedom of speech! Sharifah on the other hand failed to answer her questions but made a fool outta herself by barking on ridiculous and irrelevant replies like a mad dog.

I was bewildered when the students in the hall clapped and cheered at Sharifah’s stupid replies. Seriously, don’t they have brains?! Or they all simply agreed with her just because she was barking loud enough? Or were they clapping for the sake of getting Samsung Note??? -.-

Looks like the government’s scheme to spread their propaganda in local universities have backfired now that the video has gone viral and everyone is pointing their fingers at BN, as Sharifah was wearing a 1Malaysia badge and represents Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M):

Scrolled through the page and realized that the admin is a freaking childish dumb ass. Makes me wonder if a 10-year-old kid is managing the page. Take this post for example:

“full vid Sharifah hentam little ambiga...............tgk mcmana bavani lari....... kikikiki"

Wtf man! And there are many more. Too many comments in Malay I lazy nak baca. My Malay sangat raput wtf.

In response to this issue, Khairy denies that SW1M is anyhow related to BN. Of course, someone needs to stand up for damage control after something sia suey like this happened.

Should have done something earlier to prevent any organization from misusing 1Malaysia like they claimed, no? Approved the forming of the NGO to spread their political propaganda, but abandons the organization and denies any responsibility now that their position at the next election is being threatened XD

Anyway, enough of LISTENing! Here’s a vain photo of me to end this post with!

Pink kitty because I can ^^ Kitty has no mouth, she won’t miao you her problems. Teehee. 

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