Sunday, January 27, 2013

甜甜屋 Hello Kitty Cafe, Muar

Behold, here comes a super pink post with kitty overload, as if my blog isn’t already pink enough!

You don’t have to go all the way to Japan, Korea or Taiwan for Hello Kitty Café, because there is one right here right now in Muar – my beloved hometown! A Hello Kitty Café at a small town like this, who would have thought?

Don’t belittle this café because of the location. Step into this pink haven and you’ll be amazed.

Apparently the café has been opened for quite some time but for some reason nothing motivated me to go visit. There wasn’t much hype about this cute café either, at least not within my circle.

A gathering session with 2 high school classmates brought me to Hello Kitty Café, or otherwise named as Sweety House Café which gave me a whole new perception to Muar! I was already quite excited along the journey, and thank goodness the café did not disappoint me. The moment I stepped in, I went woooo and waaaaaa like a suaku (kampong girl wtf).

Pink walls, white curtains, pretty chandelier, Hello Kitty cushions and countless Hello Kitty decorations!!! How can any girl not be amazed by this place?!

Simple pink and white furniture are lovely after some added frills and polka dots.

A beautiful corner next to the entrance with a giant pink bow! Inspiration for my future room!

Even the air-con can’t escape the kitty fever. The owner of this shop must be an extreme Hello Kitty fanatic!

Every table along the wall has its own unique Hello Kitty sticker.

This particular one is even bedazzled! *mad love*

We picked our cosy little corner.

Introducing Joo Kim and Hui Ruan, my 2 Convent mates who will be doctors soon. See, they are busy practicing anatomy and saving people’s lives yet I’m here writing about pink stuff and sweet kitties **

This wall made me go awwwww~ Inspiration for my future baby room!!! Errr, provided it’s a baby girl lah XD

Kitty table design.

Kitty tissue box (albeit a little stained).

Another cleaner tissue box.

三杯 (direct translated as 3-cup chicken wtf, dunno the English name) RM6.90

娘惹 (Nyonya chicken + rice) RM6.90

面粉粿 (panmee equivalent) RM4.90 Notice that piece of kitty flour??? LOL!

冰糖耳炖芦 RM4.50

How the bowl looks like at the bottom! ^^

Mango Sago RM5.50

Popcorn chicken. Can’t remember the price.

The menu is in Chinese since the majority of Muarians are Chinese literate. Too bad if you’re a banana, I suggest you go to the café with a friend who can read Chinese. Overall the prices are reasonable, in fact super cheap for a Hello Kitty themed café as such! Try visiting other similar café, the prices are sky high for sure. Of course location matters too.

Moving on, more Hello Kitty decorations around the shop.

Omgosh A bling bling Hello Kitty telephone!!!

A big Hello Kitty cushion!!!

Okay lah I have to admit the cushion looked rather dirty and disgusting. I imagine the worst kind of people hugging it and filthy kids farting on it. Still, I couldn’t resist the golden opportunity to capture this fake happy moment wtf.

I mean, I was happy to be at the café, just not happy having to hold that cushion. Teehee.

More photos with the girls.

It’s weird to say this but while you’re there, don’t forget to see the pretty toileto! Go take some photos even if you don’t feel like peeing! (that’s what I did XD)

Kitty mirror!!! *snap snap snap*

Kitty soap container!!! How thoughtful of them!

As I left the café, I noticed this pink letter box outside.

Showed someone this photo later on telling him I need his help to paint my mailbox to pink next time but he told me off by saying that the only mailbox I’m gonna have is an email inbox. Le sigh, he might be right after all :(

That concludes my visit to Hello Kitty Café in Muar! Thank you so much for bearing with my bimbo moments. Thumbs up for the owner who put in so much effort on beautifying the café. I love it and would definitely recommend you there!

FYI, Hello Kitty Café is located somewhere behind the Bank of China. Drive around those few blocks, you won’t miss the pink shop that really stands out on that boring commercial building!

Sweety House Café 甜甜屋
Address: 9, Jalan Perniagaan 2,
Pusat Perniagaan Kenanga,
84000 Muar, Johor.
Tel: 06-9513387


Michelle Chow said...

Ahhh So cute!! I wish they have this in KL

AngelKein♥ said...

omg so cute!

Copykate said...

Michelle: i know right! surely there'll be good business if someone decides to open a hello kitty cafe in KL XD

AngelKein: yesh!! ^^

benjaminvai said...

ei bring me go laR!

Copykate said...

benjamin: you come to muar first la! teehee

Shuwen said...

It's so cute !! Can't believe Malaysia has Hello Kitty cafe too !! :)))

Sarvin Sidhu said...

this place looks great! love the decorations!

Copykate said...

Shuwen: yesh!! even more unbelievable is that it's opened in Muar!

Sarvin: i know right! everything is so pretty there! ^^

Carrefour said...

Holy Shit!!! Chua Joo Kim??? I am Ka Foo your primary school classmate!!!!

Copykate said...

Carrefour: Hello, I'm not Joo Kim but I'll pass your message to her ^^

Carrefour said...

You look familiar too! Were you from Presbyterian too? I am 加富 from Joo Kim's primary 3 class.

Copykate said...

Carrefour: Nope I'm from 1B :)