Saturday, January 12, 2013

Express Value Lunch @ Capricciosa

I know my posts recently are all about food food food, but that’s what my life revolves around recently. FML. Bear with me, be ready for another food post! Teehee.

Looking for a place for cheap lunch? Check out the express value lunch from Capricciosa! Founded by a Japanese chef, Capricciosa serves a variety of Italian pasta and pizza.

The lunch deal has been around for quite a while. Sometimes the restaurant is even full during lunch hour.

From only RM9.90, you get to enjoy a selection of main course + soup + bottomless drink!

ABC style soup.

Grilled salmon salad for the starter.

Steamed Chicken Fettuccine in Olive Oil – RM9.90 value lunch.

One of my favourite from the ala carte menu – Calamari Squid Ink Spaghetti!!! My mouth and teeth became effing black after that. I suggest you bring along a toothbrush if you ever order this dish because you’ll have a hard time getting rid of the ink in between your teeth. Swear I looked like a hardcore smoker! LOL.

Cannot smile with my teeth liao :x

Anyway how do you like my new watch?

BGA-132-7BDR from Casio Baby G Girls Generation collection!

White ruffled dress – Zara Kids
Beige lacey cardigan – Attack
Golden glitter flats – Mixit
Watch – Casio Baby G

Address: Lot OB3.LG2.2 Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03- 7492 0513


MsTeenwitch said...

Calamari Squid Ink Spaghetti is my favorite as well!!!!

Why the lunch deal didn't include this..... T___T

Copykate said...

Charlene: they used to include this but changed dy idk why. many would try to avoid squid ink at all cost XD