Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Setting Perm

So I’ve told you guy that I had my hair permed. It was courtesy of New Top Point Hair Studio
in JB which belongs to my uncle, Alvin. It’s no doubt a high end saloon so if you’re looking for a cheapskate hair cut, this is certainly not the right place for you. However, if you’re longing for a professional hairdo, I would recommend New Top Point. You wouldn’t regret the price you pay for, as the outcome definitely caters to your satisfactions.

Whoa, 3 hairstylists tending to me at the same time! Am I a princess or what? LOL.

The best thing is, they would offer a laptop to the customers like me who have to check their Fb even while perming their hair! Excellent service right! That way you can save yourself from a few hours of boredom.

The new setting perm machine. Looks weird like a thousand-legged monster trying to pluck off and swallow every single strand of your hair!

If you have noticed my tweet that day, I was dying to pee throughout the whole process! I had sore throat that day after working 3days at PC Fair, so I drank quite a significant amount of water. And then Alvin came nagging me to gulp down more! He didn’t realize that unlike guys, I don’t have an extra pipe in addition to my bladder -.-

The final look! It was really curly at first, but after a while it became more natural. With my new hair, I took a cab and went to City Square proudly. Then seated in between strangers of all races, I watched Clash of the Titans.

Was supposed to be back in Muar the day after PC Fair, but someone offered to fetch me so I stayed for another day. So good to have such a kind friend who fetched me all the way to Muar after which he drove back to JB again. I wasn’t taking advantage but rather, enjoying the privilege! LOL.

I can haz a Paul Smith! Fake one. HAHA.

This is how my hair looked on the next day. More natural and less “pong” dy. I can haz a like! Teehee.

That’s all about my new hair. If you’re keen to find out more on the hair studio, I’ve provided its FB link at the beginning of the post. And as you can see, I’m blogging very diligently these few days, so make sure you come back every day for more scheduled posts! Even if you aren’t willing to post me comments (pls do so or I will haz a sads!), just visit my site and pull up the hits k! Hiak hiak.


Unknown said...

your first picturere reminds me of SAW and EDWARD SCISSORSHANDS. LOL! Looks like a torture machine!

Copykate said...

dylan: yea the machine really looks evil! lol

Jessica Chiang said...

the making of ursula!

Copykate said...

jess: the sea witch from little mermaid?? wtfreak!

Anonymous said...

can i know how long the curl remains and what size of curler u use...? how much they cost 4 doin digital perm? this hair really luks awesome 4 u... <3

Copykate said...

Anonymous: the curls would eventually become natural waves. teehee. i'm not sure how much it costs but should be RM300-500 range. thanks for your compliment! i've got a different perm now though :P