Thursday, December 17, 2009

Times Square Christmas Deco

Greetings from Muar! After so long, I’m finally back to my home town again. Yesterday, Hik and I went to Pavilion to hunt for Christmas presents before meeting up with my parents in Kenanga wholesale city. But right before that, we had to go to Times Square to get back my guitar from Eric who broke my last string =(

Kate the snowwoman. Wtfreak. It’s really lame! I wouldn’t have posed there if it weren’t Hik who forced me.

It would be a waste not to snap a few photos with the Christmas decorations.

Of snowman and Christmas tree. Be joyful this festive season!

Heart my casual outfit of the day.

Initially I thought the presents inside were donated by some kind Samaritans to the orphans, but they turned out to be empty boxes! Don’t call it a donation well then, liar. I even thought of donating one. Jeez.

So are these huge boxes on the sleigh. All cheat one. Solely for camwhore purpose. LOL.

My first day in Muar isn’t exactly pleasant. I had to be my siblings’ driver to pick them up from the Bible school, then fetch them back and forth from the badminton court. Mum forced me to church tonight, but I gave an excuse that I have an advert to rush. I wouldn’t say no if she asks me to attend the Sunday service, but the church seems to have something going on every single night. I’ll be here for only less than a week, so spare me some time please.

Dinner was good. We had a cereal prawns which I gobbled down so many and only left one for my maid. FHL for having someone inconsiderate back to the house. LOL.

Gotta go shopping for new clothes and shoes in dad’s shops tomorrow. I’ve even prepared one whole luggage to bring them back to KL! Teehee.

Anyone in Muar now? Ask me out so I can escape from my boredom!


wen pink said...

lol pity ur maid..! i hope she doesn't hold grudge or else god knows what she will do..

Copykate said...

wen pink: oh gosh. don't remind me of those things that maids always do! my maid seems like a nice person. and she always greet me whenever i'm back from kl. teehee

Simon Seow said...

Ah, I didn't take photo of Times Square Hong Kong lol

Copykate said...

simon: take photo of times square kl then. LOL!

L.Chew said...

always shopping. haha. hey. when are you going back to KL?

Copykate said...

chew win: not sure. probably next tuesday. why? XD