Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malacca Trip 3 - A'Famosa Resort

To end my Part 1 and Part 2, here’s the part 3 of our Malacca trip! I know this post comes half a year late, but don’t complain, for it’s better late than never! Posting it now makes me realize how much I miss my classmates and how I wished that our course wasn’t over yet *sobs*

After leaving Malacca town, we rented a bungalow in A’Famosa resort. If you’re hosting a house party, this is the right place! For a few hundred ringgit, you get to rent the whole bungalow with swimming pool to party all-night long! And I kid you not, the bungalow isn’t small. For the one we rented, there were 4 big fully furnished rooms with comfy bed and sheets. In fact, the house was way too large to host just 11 of us XD

Our swimming pool! i have no idea why the filter wasn’t switched on. The water was calm and still all the time. More like a lake than a swimming pool. We were too engaged with our mafia game, hence let go of the opportunity of utilizing the pool. What a waste!

It had been ages ever since I last visited A’Famosa Water Park. It kinda sucked as there wasn’t anything much to play. Look, Weiyi is in the photo! How miraculous. HAHA. Chew Win and Su Ann were missing cause they were busy shopping for swimming suit. Wtfreak.

Met up with my family there. Mum didn’t want to join us in the pool cause she was afraid of getting tanned. Dad didn’t either, cause he was too embarrassed to wear his swimming trunk infronta my classmates. What a pair of vain couple! LOL.

Long legs. Teehee. I refrained myself from wearing bikini to avoid the unnecessary stares of jakuns.

Look at this photo! With dad day-dreaming, Shan stoning, Ben posing, Kian How scratching, Sai emo-ing and mum yawning! ROFL I’ve got nothing better to do than observing each and everyone in the photo.

My siblings and the blind folded horse at the entrance. After saying bye to my family, we went to check in to our bungalow and took a good rest before proceeding to our next activities.

With the bottle of Chivas Eyu brought along and numerous bottles of cocktails that we bought from Jonker Street, we were ready to rock the night.

Remove your contact lens, ladies!

Camwhoring is essential before drinking session.

Well, at least for the three pretty girls. I didn’t intend to join as I knew I wouldn’t post up ugly pictures of me wearing spectacles. Teehee.

Su Ann with Eyu's guitar. Spot Shan’s stinky pillow on the bed. It was our biggest fear throughout the trip.

Soon, it was our bartenders’ show time.

Super bue ta han. Wtfreak.

Trying to spice things up with a little romance. LMAO.

What’s with the pointing? I can’t remember!

Hunt would never let go of any opportunity to steal the limelight.

With my detective fedora and bimbotic shades T.T

He’s sooooooooo gay. Reminds me of Bryan Boy.

Yammmmmm Senggggggggggggg. A toast to our straight A’s!

That night, we were so hooked up with Mafia game. After all the screaming and yelling and accusing and defending, we finally got tired around the wee hour. That was when everyone sat down and had a few bowls of instant noodles before hitting the sack.

Although it’s been 6 months, I would never forget the fun and excitement we experienced in Malacca. As we depart from the journey to our respective pathways, the memories we shared shall stay on forever.


Loo said...

hey its the same place i went for my birthday! eh how come you can get so cheap also? my mom said it's usually like 800? we got it like 400 each house though. did we get cheated!?

Copykate said...

loo: 400 per house is damn cheap k, don't complain! it depends on the season. i don't think we went during peak. very nice place for vacation! but nida organize our own activities XD

Unknown said...

y do u nid to remove contact lenses b4 drinking?

L.Chew said...

haha. u recall me about the trip. How crazy were we.. HAHAHA...

Copykate said...

dylan: removed our contact lens because we had been wearing them for the whole day, nida give our eyes some rest. not because of drinking! LOL

chew win: i wouldn't forget the way u played mafia. HAHAHAHA

whynick said...

contact to rent the bungalow please. :)

Copykate said...

whynick: planning a trip there? idk where i keep the contact. will give u when i manage to find it =)