Saturday, March 21, 2009

Because I am Cute

As a continuous entry from my previous hair post, here are the pictures I had promised!

After looking back at the photos again and again, I have decided that it is better not to post up photo of me without the sunglasses. I looked too much like a tranny with bad hair!!!

It’s amazing how a pair of shades can add points to your appearance! I don’t care if you call me kumbang (bug) or lalat (housefly), giant sunnies are my new-found-best-friend! XD

By the way, have you figured out that it wasn’t exactly my new hairstyle? Just a wig I tried on for fun! Hiak hiak. Dad bought it for his mannequin the other day.

Here’s the other shorter one.

Cute right cute right??? Tell me I am cute! Don’t laugh!

Another photo which shows you the true colour of the wig. Teehee.

Ok lah, I know you still want to see me in that long curly wig. I am posting this just because my eyelashes look good!

Those are my real lashes by the way. Aren’t they long? XD Too bad they grow downward. But exactly the type of natural curled-up lashes we adore.

Sis and I. The wigs look so scarily-fake under my flashlight. No choice, cause by the time the sky had already turned dark. So bimbotic right, camho in the car until the sun went down -.-

Alright that’s all for now.

Time to tell me what you think about my cute short bob wig? =))


marcusan said...

hahaa... wig oni izit? lol

loved pic #1 and #2. Wit specs. Definitely with specs. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow I like the pictures!!!!!
but i have to say that just a new hair style can totally change your appearance
if you hadnt said that you were the one with the short hair I wouldnt even in dream have imagined that you were it.
However i would like to see you with your own hair. Why do you try to use wigs anyway? and why do you hide your cute face with sun glasses? said...

yeah~ i totally nailed it!(lol)
i love the bob one. <3

never try a wig before, but i LOVE to!
(but they're so freaking expensive... T________T)

Copykate said...

marcus: just a wig. didn't realized yea? XD pic with shades are always the best! the bigger the shades the better! kaka.

shadowking: that's true. different hairstyle definitely create different appearance. i wore the sunglases because i looked so bad with the long wig! like a scary tranny on a bad hair day. wtfreak. my dad bought those wigs for his mannequin. was just trying for fun. you can see pic of me with my own hair on other posts XD

sirei: they surely cost a bomb! if it's slightly cheaper i would have bought a few so that i can get different hairstyle everyday. LOL

Anonymous said...

copykate: AHHHHHHH a scary tranny *runs* Lol.....
anyway i am off to look at some pictures where you have your original hair said...

i'll definitely wear a wig everyday if i have the money to own it.
coz my fucking fringe makes my head looks like a pumpkin/apple head. :(

reddishTea said...

hey, u look nice in the bob wig! damn cute! haha.

Copykate said...

shadowking: i definitely look nicer with my normal hair. except less cuter, maybe XD

sirei: pumpkin head??? LOL! time to save to get a good wig! teehee.

reddishtea: damn cute right! look so different while wearing that wig. kaka

Anonymous said...

Lol whats with that maybe
and what with the less cuter
be more confident


Copykate said...

shadowking: wow? LOL. i would say, prettier with normal hair. but don't you think that little mushroom head is really CUTE???? XD

Anonymous said...

mhh it is pretty cute... dunno
cant really decide
I like the bright photo

mhhh hard choice

Copykate said...

shadowking: i like the brighter photo of the mushroom head although it doesn't really show the colour of my wig. it makes my complexion appear much fairer! XD

Loo said...

i think u really have to cut ur hair short. ur hair now really cannot suit ur face lor. Makes you look weird a bit. Show the stylist the pics and ask for tat hairstyle. I dun think u'll ever regret tat. Looks so trendy k? And fuck you for ur comment on my blog. FUCK YOU! :P

Anonymous said...

u look super kawaii in the bob hair. u should consider sticking to that hairstyle because u look so japanese, nice!

Copykate said...

loo: my hair now doesn't suit my face??? really??? jeez. u are probably the first one who comment that. and i don't trust your taste! XD fuck you too! LOL. serious, i wasn't joking when i said u look like that guy. i was like, omg swee loo appeared on 8tv??? hiak hiak

anon: aww. but i can't bear chopping off my long hair. been keeping them for so long X(

Anonymous said...

hair can grow back one mah..but nvm, wear bob wig also very kawaii

Copykate said...

anon: erm erm. . *in doubts* XD soon people will get tired of the kawaii bob look! and surely it won't last long. jeez. oh noo, but i really need to trim my hair right now. it's reall thick and heavy and dry and irritating X(