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Sydney Fish Market - Fresh Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Sashimi and more

A past due vacation post from my Sydney trip during June last year. It was winter when we visited. Already summer now that I'm ready to update on that vacation. LOL. 

If I were to recommend one top place to visit in Sydney, it would be none other than SFM - Sydney Fish Market!

You can’t just visit Sydney without having seafood!

Someone told me that other than Japan, you would probably find the freshest seafood in Sydney. I guess that statement was right.

The best time to visit SFM is early morning when the seafood is at their best state and when the fish market isn’t that crowded. Past noon, you would find yourselves swoon amidst the loud chattering of China tourists.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to wake up that early during vacation. So it was 30 minutes before noon as we arrived. Quickly picked whatever we wanted and found ourselves a seat.

Oyster bar!!! Extra exclamation marks for its awesome freshness!

No joke, the oysters are not the paliah cheap oysters that taste like mud. These are the real live oysters that give you mouthgasm!

There were 2 types at the oyster bar:

Pacific Oyster – the usual greyish type priced at AUD17.99 per dozen.

Sydney Rock Oyster – slightly yellowish and smaller type priced at AUD19.99 per dozen.

We enjoyed both types of oysters but personally I prefer Sydney Rock Oyster as I found it sweeter. I guess that explains the pricing? After conversion it was less than RM5 per oyster!

Usually I wouldn’t take more than 3 on my own as it would disgust me. But with this kind of quality, I wouldn’t mind having half a dozen for myself!

Mud crab which seems to be marketed mostly to China tourists. I suppose ang moh are not fans of mud crab.

No idea why we didn’t order the Medium Cooked Tiger Prawns even though I had been told before that the prawns were amazing. It wasn’t until the next few days when we ordered this prawns somewhere and realized that it was from SFM.

So yea, if you ever visit SFM, remember to order the prawns! So fresh and juicy and keeps you wanting for more.

Instead of getting the prawns at SFM, we bought the scampi instead because they looked so vibrant and lively like they would dance in your mouth.

It was to be eaten raw. I remember it being very fresh and juicy. The taste didn’t disappoint!

We bought most of our sashimi from Peter’s. Didn’t really order the cooked food because we were there on a mission to only taste the freshest!

Uni!!! (Sea urchin)

Actually this sea urchin was alright only, not quite memorable. I’m not sure which stall we got it from. I remember Han saying the uni wasn’t available at the stall he wanted so he got it from another stall.

Before the trip, I had read a few blogs warning others on the sea gulls at SFM. Janice suggested that we sat outside so we could enjoy the view while savouring our catch of the day. We had truly enjoyed the view and the cool breeze. For like 5 seconds before the sea gulls started to target us as their prey!

Or to be more precise, they were teaming up to target our sashimi! M*therf*** scumbag seagulls I swear they are even more annoying than they appeared in Finding Nemo! And they are such experienced thieves! We were almost robbed of our precious sashimi T_______T

It had been one hell of stressful 20 minutes which involved us screaming and trying to whack that one seagull with our umbrella to no avail.

It was a cold gloomy noon. And the seagulls absolutely did not help to brighten up our day. We switched inside with our half-eaten-almost-stolen lunch only to start questioning ourselves whether we were in China or Aussie. Saying that Sydney Fish Market being infested by China tourists is clearly an understatement.

It was mission impossible to get ourselves a table.

Some fruits and vegetables at the back of the market.

It was still raining when we were done. Waited a while for the rain to ease before walking to the train station.

How to get to Sydney Fish Market:

Sydney Light Rail from Central Station, The Star, Haymarket or Darling Harbour to the Fish Market stop which is located across the road from the market.

Bus Service 501: This City/West Ryde/Ryde bus service departs from Central Station every 30 mins. Embark at Miller street, opposite Jone Street which is 5-mins stroll away from SFM.
We took a bus from Central Station that day and took the light rail back.

Sydney Fish Market
Address: Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road,
Sydney NSW 2009, Australia.
Tel: +61 2 9004 1100
Opening Hour: Daily 7am – 4pm

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