Thursday, March 17, 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Date Older Men

Recently, I stumbled upon a post from Goody Feed on 10 Valid Reasons Why an “Uncle” Boyfriend is the Best Boyfriend Ever, which I presumed was either written by an uncle or a young girl who is dating an uncle.  I do agree with some of its contents, but let’s for once put ourselves on the opposing side and think about the cons of dating an uncle.

Inspired by that article, I have then come out with 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Date Older Men, or rather, 10 Valid Reasons Why an “Uncle” Boyfriend is the Worse Boyfriend Ever:

1. You are both at different stages of life
He is at the peak of his career path, whereas you are still struggling to climb up that corporate ladder. It won't be as easy to comprehend each other's priorities as compared to couples who are working together towards the same goal at the same stage of life.

2. His superiority complex would surface when faced with decision-making situations
For the fact that he has lived a longer life than you, he would always think he is right hence would expect you to do it his way all the time.

3. He has dated way too many girls than you did men
 He is used to the fact that girls come and go. And to him, you are no exception.

4. You did not go through the toughest time of life with him
You weren't there for him when he struggled to build his career. And now that everything is stable, it is as if you have been sent from hell to crush it.

5. He wants kids, while you want to travel the world
Considering his age, he could be eager to start a family whereas you want to take your time to enjoy your sweet honeymoon before reality kicks in. Something major to compromise!

6. Communication barrier with your friends
Sooner or later, you will start dreading having him and your friends together under one roof, because there is absolutely no common topic at all! To him, they are a bunch of clueless kids who have yet to figure out on the reality of life.

7. You risk getting judgmental stares from the public
Oh look, that girl must have found herself a sugar daddy! Otherwise, which young girl in her right mind would want to date someone old and frail?

8. He would retire before your kids barely graduated from college
That is, unless you date someone who is self-employed and has a small reserve of wealth. How long can your savings continue to support your kids after his source of income comes to a halt?

9. He will die sooner than you
Why prepare yourself for heartbreak when you can choose to marry a young bloke and grow old together?

10. Last but not least, there must be an obvious reason why he is still single
Is he afraid of commitment? Is he the type who secretly never wants to get married? Or is he a psychopath? Be careful what you're getting yourself into :/

After reading the 10 reasons above, do you still think it is a good idea to be dating an old man? Teehee.

For a side note, a few OOTD photos from last weekend.

Disclaimer: The article above represents the author’s stereotypical views and shall not be applied at all circumstances.


Anonymous said...

number 2 and number 5 AND number 10 i can totally agree with those! but i think most of all, it is to not date an older yet immature guy because i was once in a relationship like that myself and it was so awful. he's my first love and he really disappointed me big time and i just had to dump him even though it was really painful for myself too because i was crazily in love with him. AND... what's worse? the guy's a daddy boy ==

Reno said...

I can relate to a lot of these things also.. I guess I would be the "older" person (I'm 45).. and I especially agree the stage of life thing is most important. If someone is 20-something they are often still learning about themselves, what they want and where they want to be in life. The risk for the older guy dating someone younger is that in the end she will find out what she wants and it won't involve him, which can leave him hurt and even more older to start again. For her, the risk is that she will end up committed to someone that ultimately wants something she doesn't and she may end up feeling forced into giving up something that is important to her in order to stay with him.

At the same time, you have to be careful that it doesn't become a power issue when there is an age difference (I think that's what you meant by the "always right" comment). If an older guy is always seeking out someone that is younger just based upon age then that can be a warning. It could mean he has control issues or that he wants to date someone that will be more willing to do whatever he wants. It is important for both sides to listen, and be listened to. Communication is very important and this sign is often ignored.

For me, I am not only interested in younger and I have dated people my age or older. At the same time, I am someone that likes exploring the world and I travel all the time. It is hard to find people my own age now that want the same things that I do (you said yourself, older guys -and women- just want to settle down). I know that part of me does want to settle down and I do want children. At the same time, I don't want to give up exploring and traveling and enjoying life. (Can I have it all?) This means that generally the people that I date are younger because we want the same things. When it works well though, it can be amazing - but it's not easy. Both sides have to be willing to compromise, to work together and always to communicate. The answer isn't as easy as "you should date older" or "you shouldn't date older" - it always comes down to the details.

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Ainul Mustafa said...

old men have a lot of money..hihihiihi