Monday, October 8, 2012

The Terryble Incident

*Post renamed. Thanks to Ben for his terrybly smart inspiration XD*

I’m going to write about this interesting incident that happened today.

During our lunch break, Angela, Meiyan and I went to Orange (a hawker restaurant opposite our uni) as usual. It happened that Adam, a close friend of Angela’s was there with 3 of his gang. We sat down for barely 1 minute, then Angela received a call from Terry the annoying guy. If I were to name a guy from uni whom I dislike the most, I wouldn’t give a second thought to that. Terry used to purchase second hand books from Meiyan a few semester back then, and recently we’re taking the same finance subject so he got his opportunities to act all close to us. Being uncool is one thing. But being uncool and annoying, he is simply a major turn off! There was once he intentionally sat next to me during lecture and borrowed my lecture notes after class (which I didn’t quite given my permission but he took it anyhow as if I had the obligation to lend it to him). When I demanded it from him 2 days later, he refused to return it, saying that he’s accidentally torn the side and did not dare to give it to me. It was one of those stupid jokes of his, I knew. I wasn’t pleased, but rather, frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t get back my notes which I’ve been writing on all over while listening attentively in class. Angela knew I was pissed by then so she got my notes back from him. But from then on I have been holding a grudge against this annoying uncool dude who would jump at e very opportunity to pretend like he’s our close friend.

All this while I have been ignoring him whenever he’s around. He eventually realized that I hate him so didn’t dare to bother me anymore. But he wouldn’t stop shutting his mouth whenever Angela and Meiyan are around! We have come to the conclusion that this guy has a huge crush on Meiyan (I would unfriend her if she ever dates him! HAHA). Meiyan’s birthday falls on this week and Terry had been really anxious asking Angela’s opinion on what to buy for her. Unlike me, both of them still talk to him even though they find him annoying. They just don’t know how to be mean and say fuck off! Okay I didn’t exactly say fuck off, but my attitude had said it on my behalf. I swear I have never seen anyone as irritating as him! Displaying his mentality of a 13-year-old. No, actually that’s a very unfair statement because I wasn’t even half as childish or lame when I was 13.

Back to the story. So I went to the toilet after that phone call and guess who was on our table when I came back? Terry the annoying! Oh not again! Please tell me he isn’t joining us for lunch?! Oh he is? FML looks like I’m not gonna have a peaceful meal this time. Once he sat down, he took out his notebook and started asking them silly questions like:




To which they answered reluctantly. THEY ANSWERED HIM!!! Seriously man, he could have opted for some matured and intelligent area of discussion if he were to impress a girl. I was eating and reading facts tweets on my bb the whole time while Angela was giggling at my stern disapproving expression. As much as I dislike talking to him, I had to say:


He said they’re important and he needs them for his research. Wtf kinda research is he doing lah? Stalker research?! Idiot.

He even invited both of them to his hometown, Batu Pahat for a trip or something, to which Angela replied “go to your hometown I might as well go to Kate’s”. This motherfucker thinks I’m invisible or something, he started insulting that my hometown is boring and shit. HELLO??? I SEE HOW FUN AND EXCITING BP IS! NO WONDER THEY RAISE UP ANNOYING UNCOOL BOYS LIKE YOU! Oh wait, my mum is from BP. I guess the town isn't that bad after all. It's just you.

Really buey tahan my hometown is being insulted by a lame person so Iet out an impulse retort. Can’t remember what exactly I said but I remember saying “DIAM 啦!” (not the usual joking way but in a rather angry tone)

Adam, who had shifted next to our table by now whatsapped me saying that the guy was annoying. My reply: Ask him to diam lah. Both of them layan him summore. Zzz

Soon Angela shifted to their table to avoid having to respond to him. I guess Adam reprimanded her also upon seeing my message. LOL.

And then it was just me and Meiyan. That annoying prick just wouldn’t stop it!

“Eh Meiyan. . .”

“Eh Meiyan. . .”

“Eh Meiyan. . .”

Every fucking 10 seconds! What the fuck is his problem!!! Dude we're trying to have our lunch!!!

Then finally someone else other than me couldn’t stand him any longer. Adam tapped his shoulder and asked him nicely to let Meiyan eat in peace. But not only he didn’t get the message, he started barking back like a mad dog! The argument got heated up to the extent that they were going to start a fight! Terry especially was raising his voice and attracting all sort of unnecessary attention from the entire restaurant. 1 vs 4, how dumb can he be? Just shut up already! And as if 4 wasn’t enough, the guys were gonna call and ask for more of their friends. LOL. For this I thought they had gone a little overboard lah. I certainly don’t see the need of beating him up. All he wants was attention, especially attention from Meiyan. Just make sure she stops talking to him that’s all we need. What for go through all the trouble of a fight? But I gotta say I was very much amused by the situation. Quickly finished my food and watched the whole drama that was going on right in front of me. Man was he showing signs of an uneducated person! I’m glad Meiyan was watching all these so she should know what better to do next time! Wouldn’t want to disgrace ourselves hanging out with someone like that, would we? (FML am I being bitchy now or what?)

At the same time I felt proud for my friend to have nearly become the cause of a real fight. Like a fist fight in reality, not just any virtual cowardy fight over the Internet! Today you have 2 men who are willing to fight for you babe. Hiak hiak.

You think I’m such an awful girl smiling contentedly while watching all these happened lah but I was the one who put an end to the heated argument. Told Adam 不要跟没文化的人吵。Right in your face, Terry! HAHA. Finally had some peace after that. Packed our bags and left after a few minutes of awkward silence. And Terry even had the face to follow us behind! WTF!!!

Adam called and asked for Meiyan’s permission to beat up that guy. Needless to say, his permission was denied. LOL. Things would have been worse if Meiyan’s boyfriend were to know about this, considering he’s really hot-tempered and protective. Teehee.

Angela stayed close to me all the way back to uni because now she is forbidden from talking to Terry XD

After the Orange incident, Terry still had the guts to ask Meiyan whether she’s free after class to meet up! -.- But anyhow she politely declined.

He just wouldn’t give up huh! Stop terryrizing my friends!!!


benjaminvai said...

LoL, u make me miss my Uni life ~.~, i am gonna go all terry over u soon ! hahah

Copykate said...

benjamin: don't terryrize me!!! lol

Kevin Tan said...


Unknown said...

What a terryfying person!! Omggg

Copykate said...

Kevin: terryble indeed XD

Isabell: you're terrybly true!

Anonymous said...

omg, i understand your feeling too!

Koh Kian Fai said...

“如果你亲戚结婚,红包要包多少?” << WHY ASK THIS QUESTION LMAO!

this fella seriously think he going to marry . . . . . oppps :X

I got a friend name Terry also, and this Terry you talk about is a disgrace for the whole world Terry LMAO

Unknown said...

so why no tell the boyfriend? lol

Charlie said...

Please tell this to Meiyan's BF!!! Adam is more like helping you than helping Meiyan in telling him off nicely at first but still, BOY! sigh

Copykate said...

Anonymous: *high 5*

Kian Fai: he had just ruined the image of every Terry in the world. lol

Eric: don't dare to tell. later he summons his gangster friends XD

Nath: she's so nice and all la wouldn't want her bf to cause any trouble :/

Anonymous said...

translate ur chinese words pls. funny la.

Povy Teng said...

OMG was this Terry, that Terry we met!? LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

explain the words that are in chinese pls.. funny la..

Copykate said...

Anonymous: Okay I'm gonna translate it just for your sake. lol.

If your relative is getting married, how much should your ang pow be?

How much is your daily expense?

How many meals does a girl take everyday?

You're so annoying! Can you stop asking these pointless questions?!

Don't stoop to his level.

Yea, that's about it I guess. Teehee

Povy: err, but I don't remember meeting any Terry with you! T_T

Povy Teng said...

Ahhhh sorry sorry, i mistaken my taiwan friend Terry with your Taiwan friend Niu!!! OMG paiseh paiseh!! ><

Copykate said...

Povy: LOL okies. You confused me! T_T