Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweaty and Disgusting

I’m on study break! Less than 2 weeks’ time to revise for 3 subjects. Thank goodness it’s 3 instead of 4! One of the subjects we’re taking this semester is fully based on assignment and presentation. My most hated subject to the honest. Guess I’ve complained about it before, such a waste of my tuition fees learning about team work, fictional business projects and shits like that for 3 semesters. I mean come on it’s not like we never do team projects in other accounting and finance subjects! Don’t need to specifically design a course to instill leadership qualities and teamwork spirit into us okay! It’s acceptable if you introduce it in one semester, but for 3 semesters?! *DISAPPROVED* For the money I paid, I would rather be taught some useful elective subjects like macroeconomic theories.

So guess what, I’m at my usual café right now utilizing break from revision to scribble some pointless ranting here. You must be bored of my constant anger and anxiety outbreak. Things have been tough lately . . . (no okay stop it I’m not making excuses for myself!) Anyway I’ve finally got my resume done and applied for internship at KPMG! Also sent my resume to a friend who happens to be the associate director of PwC, who then replied saying that I have excellent result *proud* and that he has written a nice email to his HR! So yea, fingers crossed! It will be my first time doing a proper office job, if I ever get hired. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t cause then I’ll have 3-months time to accept other jobs and earn more side income wtf.

It’s amazing how some simple words from the friend can have so much motivational effect on me. He said my results are great and I should keep up the good work. Simple words as such which probably didn’t take him any effort to even say them, yet they serve as a reminder that I should keep going and never give up although it’s getting harder to get HD now that I’m in my final year. I used to aim for full HD but now it seems rather impossible :( But anyhow I will do my best and get a D at least, if not HD!!! That’s the least I could do to get easily admitted into one of those companies. Teehee.

Haven’t neglected my work out session! Focusing more on gaining 6 packs and victory v these days. Doing crunching exercise in my room once every 2 days. Jog only once or twice every week. Reasons: the rain, an d the fact that I don’t wanna wash my hair everyday. Tsk.

No I don’t wear my shoes to bed XD

 My disgusting look after each work out session.

Swear this is more tiring than bed time exercise wtf.

Busy weeks ahead! Was hoping my guest blogger would update for me more often but it seems like he’s even busier than me? Oh well :(


Anonymous said...

wow, nice leg, lol

Copykate said...

Anonymous: LOL thanks