Friday, October 12, 2012

Full of Resentment. Fatso Lecturer!

Okay I have 36% battery left on my Macbook so I figured I should stay put a little longer at Starbucks and write this blog post. Don’t feel like going home yet anyway. It’s almost 6pm, so I guess I should wait till dinner time. Subway probably, dinner for lonely person according to Jess. LOL. Except she’s not the real lonely one since she’s got her sis staying with her.

Today I’m going to rant about this fei po part time lecturer from my uni that I really resent at the moment. It’s somehow related to a post I wrote at the beginning of this semester. Click here to read.

If you’re too lazy to read, let me summarize the story for you. In the beginning of the semester we were having problem with group arrangement. This lecturer, Miss E (although I think Miss E sounds way too cool for her lo, like E, you know, E! wtf) tried to arrange Angela into a different group since she was absent on the day of the arrangement. By right everyone were supposed to choose our own group one so I was damn pissed off la, insisted to kick out the very arrogant black girl she arranged into our group and put in Angela instead. In the end I win of course. The lecturer probably hold a grudge against our group ever since, which leads to the story I’m about to tell now!

How much is the lowest score possible that someone can score for a presentation out of 10? This is really embarrassing but to be honest, our team got 4.3 out of 10! WTF 4.3, that’s a failed scored! Not even half!!! We happened to see the score sheet from 3 judges, one of which was marked by E. There were 15 components, 5 is the highest mark for each. She marked us 1 for every component!!! 1 out of 5, for every component!!! What the fuck is her problem man! The other 2 lecturers gave us an average score of 3 and 4 which seems reasonable. But this fat biatch simply gave us score of 1 leh wtf!!! If you think we’ve done the presentation badly, NO! We’ve always been high scorers in our presentations for every semester! There’s no way we could have flung it! It’s obvious that she’s doing it purposely to get back to us! Fucking pissed off tell me what did I work so hard for??? For a vengeful part time lecturer who couldn’t give a damn about her students to mark me down just so she could feel good about herself?! Seriously man I’m so angry I can’t help thinking for every curse from a student, she gains an extra kilogram! It’s no wonder she’s fat you see!

FML I’m not making any sense here.

The point is, I’m extremely disappointed with the score she gave us. So I questioned her in the class.

“Miss E, I can’t help but noticed that we were given 1 out of 5 for every component in one of the score sheets. We couldn’t have been so terrible, could we?”

There I said it, but I didn’t even accuse that it was her. Then out of guilty conscious she tried to explain that it wasn’t her who gave us the score. Seriously?! Woman, we know exactly who was using red, purple and black pen okay! It was you who marked us with the red pen! The very same red pen you always tok my Macbook screen with! Jeez. Why try to deny when I didn’t even said it was you who gave us those shit scores? Couldn’t accept the fact that she’s giving us such unfair judgment. So I tried to point out that everything listed in the score sheet is a separate component, and even if we had done badly in part of the contents, it didn’t justify for such awfully low score for all the other parts! But then this fatso started arguing that once the marketing part fails, the other parts didn’t make sense. FUCK YOU LAH what’s the fucking point of the score sheet then! Might as well simply give us a score, don’t even need to follow the criteria! Never encountered such an unreasonable lecturer in my life before! Usually lecturers are really concerned that their students pass the subject. But E doesn’t think that way! She is constantly picking on everyone and pointing out their minor faults here and there. I guess it makes her happy to see us miserable, and she wouldn’t be held responsible after all, since she’s not a full time lecturer in our uni, but rather an evil outsider who has been sent to sentence us to doom.

E is not going to mark anymore of our paper so we have nothing to be afraid of. The rest of our assessment will be sent to Melbourne to be marked by the lecturers there. So I’m going to send an email to complain about her unfair behavior. Even if it wouldn’t bring forth any effect, I’m still going to do it! At least I know I’ve tried! Nobody likes her and she’s not even a good lecturer to begin with. Sunway seriously needs to do a better assessment before recruiting their lecturers. Why hire part-time lecturer like this?? I think I can be a more dedicated and helpful lecturer than her. Ugh, no use blabbering so much here. I can assure she’s going to get what she deserves!

Ending with a few vain photos of me to neutralized the post wtf.


Failed attempt to imitate Hyuna. LOL!

I tried her make up style with the eyeliner drawn downwards, but someone commented it looks no difference from my usual make up! Grr. Applied some glitter powder but it’s not obvious in the photos.


Also lightened my eyebrow with layers with foundation but they still looked way darker compared to hers. No Photoshop installed on my Macbook yet. Damn sad cannot touch up my face properly.

I wanna get a beautiful bling bling top like hers!!!


Unknown said...

omg why lecturer so horrible one?! JUVENILE!

Isabel said...

Urgh.. We've all met one like that

Charlie said...

I know that type of make up, coz I also feng yan LOL

Copykate said...

Isabellmiao: i know right! freaking hate her! :(

Isabel: i hadn't until now :(

Nath: what's feng yan? lol

Merryn said...

Reading this I feel so glad that I'm way over my study years :D