Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magic: A Moment of Childlike Wonder

If you haven’t heard of Zlwin Chew, the young magician in town, then you should by now, as 17th February 2011, 10pm marks the official launch of Magic: A Moment of Childlike Wonder.

That’s right, watch the video and you’ll be amazed by his fork bending and many more magical power!

If you’re a regular visitor of Zouk, you might have bumped into Zlwin there. So far he’s the only magician in Malaysia working with a club.

Zouk Club

Meanwhile, I didn’t intend to promote Zouk but allow me to say that Zouk is the only club in Malaysia with a resident magician XD

resident magician

Before knowing him personally (which was way before I started clubbing in Zouk XD), I was aware of Zlwin’s existence through his occasional appearance in May Zhee’s blog. It wasn’t until 7aste Monte Carlo last year that I’ve finally met him in person. And was shocked to discover that he’s only 1 year elder than me!


Can you believe that at the age of 21, he was already invited to perform for members of the Royal Family, Tun Mahathir, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and other distinguished personalities?! Recently, he even performed his awesome magic in Mumbai, India in front of more than 20,000 people!


Aside from performing magic, Zlwin’s second biggest hobby is taking photographs with pretty girls and have they uploaded onto his Facebook! HAHA.


Just kidding. Don’t throw dirty socks at me. Teehee.

Don’t forget to watch the video and follow @ZlwinChew on twitter! Support Zlwin Magic and keep the party rockin’!



Unknown said...

zlwin's sooo hot.

Copykate said...

sam: bromance! <333

Jonathan said...

Childlike wonder. Zlwin would know.

Copykate said...

jon: yesh :)

Jessyca said...

I google my ex's name and ur blog pop up! LOL

Copykate said...

jessyca: zlwin is your ex? LOL