Friday, February 25, 2011


Pardon me for the lack of update, for I've been deprived of proper Internet these days. Ever since July last year, I haven't signed up for any broadband service at my Sunway apartment. Good news is, I just registered for Digi Smartplan Internet Unlimited for my Blackberry! Can plug in my bb into my laptop to online any time. Howerver, there's one serious obstacle right now- my laptop CD compartment (or whatever technical term you call it O.o) is damaged so there's now ay I could insert the cd to install my bb software! What a disaster. Gotta borrow someone else's laptop before I could start fully utilising my unlimited internet service.

How's life after CNY? I hope everyone has gotten over the gambling atmosphere. After all, we wouldn't want to stay up late for mahjong and miss our class the next morning. This week is the beginning of my new semester. Pretty relaxed I would say, since there's no tutorial class on the first week. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to our coming lessons. There's always so much new stuff to learn! Angela. Meiyan and I signed up for the same tutorial classes so we'll be spending plenty of time together, like we always do! :)

Just checked my blogspot's unique visit and omgoshhhh *panic* this is not good! I think imma fall into depression stage wtf. I'm getting out of this computer lab which is full of annoying iranians. I shall update once I get my bb software! Formspring me ya. My profile page is very sad. HAHA. Till then! :)


Ashleyteng said...

aiyer *envy*
you're still a student!! me just step out from uni not long ago!

Anonymous said...


Copykate said...

ashley: you're way ahead of me!

anon: :)))