Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tu Nian Kuai Le

Happy Chinese New Year people!

How was your first 2 days of CNY? For me it was pretty much mundane and perhaps less happening this year. And I have a feeling that the next few days aren’t gonna be any much better, since most of them will leave Muar soon, especially the MMU guys who are having their exam. Final exam on the fifth day of CNY?? FTL seriously.

Oh, I freaking lost like RM140 today itself. No more gambling for me or I might just gamble away someone’s valentine gift, not that I have anything in mind at the moment. I shall just stick to the mafia game which doesn’t require any capital.

Gotta sleep now and get ready for more house-visiting tomorrow! Good night peeps!


New year outfits will be posted later! :)

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