Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Complain

I asked God why, and He told me that everything happens for a reason.

And you’re serving a purpose far beyond my imagination.

It’s not just about us.

Without looking back, I would have forgotten.

There are bigger things in life, and I should not be distracted.

Or the one who helped me up might cause me fall.

Now that I understand, and I will keep going.

Never would I hold anymore doubt or grievance.

Instead, I shall continue to pray and give you my blessings.

Till the day we meet again.

With love,



L.Chew said...

Hmm? I can't get it. Difficult for me to understand. You are likely writting poem. lol

Copykate said...

chew win: it's not a poem! lol. hmm i know it's hard to comprehend. nvm i shall keep it to myself. teehee